Winter 2016

Dear friends,

I wish you were at our Auction this month.* I had a Proud Parent Moment when my youngest son stood and recited a poem for the room. Really he did more than recite a poem; he lived it and felt it and believed it. I’m watching him grow and receive the gift of presence from the staff we hire, and create relationships where adult artists challenge him to try and to push his boundaries. This was the fruit of the things I have been laboring for, both for Yes! And… Collaborative Arts and for my own child.

This year has been full of highlights, full of moments where we shared our gift of presence with kids who needed it. But this year has not been without a share of hardship. We want to be able to provide more structure and follow up for kids whose families face difficulties. We want our gift of presence to create lasting change in the lives of those we love and serve. Our goals feel so attainable, just right around the corner. But it’s as though we have been revving the engine and the car is still in second gear.

Legacy Campers and Alumni Staff

We want to grow and serve kids better and pay our staff a decent wage, but we weren’t able to meet these goals in 2016. We need your faithful support now more than ever. We need you to gift us with your presence. Read through this letter and ask yourself how you and your family could support and sustain this vision.

This year, I want to come to you with testimony from kids and parents, to have them tell our story. Of course, like my experience I shared about my son, there are more than a few of us who started YACA who now have kids attending! We had a really neat moment this summer when we realized that there were five campers whose parents are founders of YACA while at the same time there were four travelers (counselors) who were graduates of YACA! Our program is a gift; a legacy that we pass down to others. At some point soon Leah, our Program Director's 4 year old daughter, will become a camper (fulfilling her short life-long dream).

In this spirit of the season of giving, I asked parents to share with you their kid's impressions about what our gift of presence means to them. Here is what they gave me**:

Ajai loves being at Yes! And... Theatre Camp! I just talked with him about it and he says, ‘I like being at the after school program because I don’t have to wait until summer to go to the summer camp! I like being with my friends and doing the theater class on Tuesdays.’ As for me (his mom) I think Yes! And… Collaborative Arts is a great program! It teaches Ajai social skills and to express himself more without feeling intimidated. I’m glad to be a part of YACA! I would love to see Ajai grow into the role of a camp counselor! Ifaye & Ajai, Age 13

Today, we need you to make sure we can continue offering this gift of presence in the lives of these kids. Please consider a one time gift to support our year-end finances, or a monthly gift to support our 2017 goals. If you believe in us, please help ensure that we will be around today, tomorrow, and the coming years to be a presence in this community, in this city, and this world.

Wishing you warmth and love this season,
Michael Brix,
Yes! And… Collaborative Arts, Executive Director
*If you were at our auction, thanks so much for joining the party, it was such a special night and your care and presence buoyed our spirits and our bank account.
**Names used by permission

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