Benefit Concert

An Evening with Matt Duke with special guests 50 Cent Bin, Renaissance Boulevard & Flies in the Kitchen!

Proceeds benefit Yes! And... Collaborative Arts "Campership" Fund

Friday May 13th / Doors 7pm / Show 7:30pm
Alma Mater / 7165 Germantown Avenue / Philadelphia / PA / 19119

An evening with Matt Duke and Special Guests

Yes! And... Collaborative Arts presents an evening with Matt Duke to raise funds for “Camperships” that help send kids to theatre camp this summer!

From turmoil to triumph to everything in-between, life is rich with incredible stories, provocative ideas, and Matt Duke wants to tap into it all. Ever since he began songwriting as a young teen, Duke found that no topic was too off limits, too taboo to explore, and he has welcomed each with an open mind and open heart if only to relay each through his own unique voice. From teen suicide and conversations of abortion on Winter Child (2006), to addiction and the impish supernatural on Kingdom Underground (2008), to Sex, God, and Rock and Roll (among other things) on One Day Die (2011), Duke personalizes every moment and channels that intensity not only through the songs themselves, but on stage as well - endearing his audiences with tremendous performances and an almost heart-breaking vulnerability. He also plays well with others - be sure to check out When I Stop Running (2011) with friends Jay Nash and Tony Lucca; a collection of songs with beautiful acoustic arrangements and lush vocal harmonies throughout. And while it is rumored that Matt Duke owns the only living Bali Tiger still left in existence, he is a man of few secrets and little appetite for the extravagant lifestyle one might assume a singer/songwriter to have.

50 Cent Bin
50 Cent Bin is made up of four members that descended upon Philadelphia just two short years ago. Heather Bargeron (bass, voc) and Katie Aikins (gtr, perc, voc) moved from Atlanta, Georgia, and Christa Aikins (voc, perc) and Timothy Hill (perc, gtr, voc) moved from Thessaloniki, Greece. All have played and performed in different settings, some as amateurs and some as professionals, in a variety of musical styles.
Christa has been singing and performing her whole life, most recently as a jazz vocalist with various groups in Greece. She is also a working artist. Timothy has been primarily a drummer and music teacher, and has also composed and played in different bands on trumpet, vocals, and percussion for more than 20 years. Katie started out as a drummer in her teens and is now a pastor while continuing to write and perform music. Heather sang in an a capella group and played percussion in Atlanta, and she is the bravest member of the band as she just started playing bass this year and is already performing live.
The band was living in a communal house for their first year in Philadelphia, and it was only a matter of time before they realized they ought to play together. Their original music is folky, groovy, and reflective of their passions and concerns - love, faith, social inequality, despair and hope. They believe music and art can change the world and want to live up to their name, because a 50 cent bin is always worth more than its label.

Renaissance Boulevard
A diverse cover band playing everything from Motown & Pop, to Classic & Heavy Rock! Renaissance Blvd., started out in July of 2014 as a "house band" for a marketing company in King of Prussia. When the band first started the band had over 13 members for its first practice! We eventually got the number of members down to about 11 or so, and started to play at corporate events. With some more changes down the road, we took a little hiatus due to unforeseen circumstances. But, we couldn't stay away for long!

Flies in the Kitchen

Flies in the Kitchen is a Philadephia-based rock band playing psychedelic and roots-infused music. With a sonorous blend of acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, percussion and harmonies, we honor seminal influences, including Warren Zevon, David Bowie, Bonnie Raitt, and Big Star, through originals and covers. Our sets are as diverse as our members: a former Televison guitar tech, a greased lightening bluegrass picker, a vocalist evoking Natalie Merchant, and a number of old school Mt. Airy communists. Come experience the joy when they lock in.

Philadelphia based nonprofit Yes! And... Collaborative Arts equips children and young people with the tools to be better learners, to believe in themselves and to realize their dreams through the work of creating collaboratively with peers and professional artists. They spend most of their time with kids living in low-income neighborhoods in and around the Philadelphia area, but believe that collaborative arts education is important for all ages, everywhere. Yes! And... Collaborative Arts never turns a child away because of money. This event will raise funds to send kids to camps throughout Philadelphia this summer.

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Yes! And... Collaborative Arts 21 W. Washington Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19144
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Many thanks to Alma Mater or making this event possible!

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