Campership Letter

Dear friends,

I hope your spring has been as full of good things as ours has been. In between little league games, school concerts, and graduations we’ve managed to throw a successful benefit concert, hired and trained over 30 new staff, released our brand-new logo, and started planning for a new fall program (more info on that later!) For this summer though, we really need your help for kids just like Adah*.

Adah and three of her friends were introduced to Summer Camp because they were staying in our host’s building as part of the Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network’s (PIHN) shelter program. We are so glad that our host, the Germantown Mennonite Church community, provides space for these families in transition because it allows YACA to develop relationships with kids right in our building. Adah was signed up for our middle school Theatre Camp, but showed up two weeks early during one of our K-4 Imagination Camp sessions. Our intrepid, quick thinking staff made her a “young leader” and folded her right into the tribe. Adah’s friends soon joined and we were happy to have a program that serves these kids so well.

The PIHN Executive Director emailed and shared: “Yes! And… Collaborative Arts Summer Camp builds self-esteem at a time when children experiencing the trauma of homelessness… coincides with the time when they are forming a sense of who they are in this world… This is a really important and healing program for the kids we serve.”

Adah’s family situation is not unique for the families we serve. In our commitment to have an inclusive, diverse program, the kids in our summer camps come from all types of hardship. Our staff goes through diversity and trauma training, as well as inclusivity training for children with special needs. We are a different type of “arts camp”, and we like it that way!

In addition to the families we are serving from PIHN, we will serve more than 80 children whose families need whole or partial scholarships. This is over half of the total kids we will see this summer.

As our programs grow, our fundraising goals grow too. This summer we need you to help us raise $12,000! This is our biggest single fundraising goal yet, so I can’t emphasize enough how much we need you to help us meet this goal!

If you have given in the past, thank you so much! Please consider this summer a one-time increase in your gift. Perhaps you’ve always meant to give, but haven’t yet. Join us as we grow, and make a difference with your gift.

Help us provide an experience like the one this mother wrote to us about:

“It opened my daughter up to taking risks she has never taken, to learning how each person is an important part of something bigger, and to sharing her creativity.”

Adah didn’t just have an amazing summer experience; she found a place where she felt included and loved. Since last summer, Adah has participated in every YACA program she is old enough for, and she looks forward to one day being on staff (as more than just a “young leader”). Your gift can empower us to make this happen!

Thank you for being such a big part of what we do!

Michael Brix,
Executive Director
*All names of kids have been changed to protect anonymity

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Can you pledge $1,200 for an entire month of programming for kids like these?