Campership Letter

Dear friends,

One of my favorite places to walk is the trails through the nearby Wissahickon. I find that every time I am out there, I see new interesting things and learn about some wonder of nature, simply by observing. This past week, I was fixed on three thin trees that were growing right out of a rock, dangling precipitously over a long drop into the streambed below. These trees were no less majestic than their soil-clad counterparts, reaching high into the canopy, but to look at just their roots, they seemed to be barely hanging on.

Week 3 Imagination & Theatre Camp

Never one to let a good metaphor go, I thought about the kids in our Yes! And… Collaborative Arts tribe. Many of our kids are growing in stable, flat, nourished soil, but many others have been planted in more challenging conditions, and some are still more fraught and on the edge of safety. We know that within each of these children lies the power and determination to become great trees, reaching to the sky. Our impact reaches all these kids and your support makes it possible.

I am coming to you today to ask if you will support our work with these kids this year by making a donation to Yes And… Collaborative Arts. As our most faithful supporters, you know that over 60% of our families need scholarships to attend our programs. We are about to enter our busiest time of the year and your gift will support not only Summer Theatre and Imagination Camps, but also our teen Shadow Company, and our After School Group programs.

A gift of $2,520 allows us to make a 2 month impact for a middle schooler. If you can pledge $600 we can employ one of our teens in Shadow Company as Junior Staff. $315 gives a week of a summer theatre experience a young person will never forget. Even a $25 gift can help us purchase art supplies and costumes. No matter the size of your gift, you can be assured we cannot do this without you!

At YACA Summer Camp, I really believe I can stand on stage because I worked so hard,
my imagination made this play.
At camp, my child came ALIVE and became much more confident.

Yes! And… Collaborative Arts exists for each of these young people. This amazing mix of children and youth is the fertile soil that allows us to do our work. We believe in the power of art and imagination and working together to bring about the type of world where ALL KIDS are given permission to grow into adults who will impact their world for the better.

Together with you, we make that fertile soil so, no matter where each child and youth was planted, we can raise them strong, reaching for the sky.

Thank you for being our partner and we look forward to sharing our summer successes with you!


Michael Brix
Executive Director

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