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It's hard to believe that our Winter Sort of Thing production in February was our last "in-person" event. It was an epic tale of two towns that believed there were giants terrorizing each of their villages every day. The villagers believed that the only option was to continue to live in fear and destruction and that it was impossible to get rid of the giants. If you were able to witness this performance, you know that their myths about the giants were misconceptions, that they were actually each other's "giants" causing destruction with their choices. They were the ones that needed to change to save their towns.

I do not need to tell you that much of 2020 that has felt impossible. Much like the villagers felt about the giants in Fe Fi Fo Fum. But here at Yes! And..., we constantly remind ourselves that we are interested in DOING the impossible. Yes, it still feels scary and... impossible. Is that not how great things are achieved? By being empowered to attempt the impossible. Not alone, but often joining with others, knowing more can be achieved when we do it together.

We are about equipping the whole person to do the impossible. For many young people in our programs, the first hurdle is simply being able to join without the barrier of cost. Every year, the needs are greater. But we are interested in doing the impossible; of ensuring every young person can attend with a scholarship if they cannot pay. And we do not stop there. Our programs create a sense of belonging, where kids learn to trust themselves and each other. Where they are not just building their character in a story, but are exploring their moral, psychological, sociological, and creative character as humans, as citizens. Conquering all of this and more while joining peers and professional artists to do something impossible.

We are excited that this next year will be another year full of impossible things to accomplish. We ask you today to consider a gift to make the impossible, possible! If you've never given before, we would love to celebrate your first gift! If you are a long-time supporter, please accept our thanks and ask that you consider a comparable or larger gift to help us empower even more youth in 2021.

We will always strive to be a place where youth can be free to express themselves and build relationships, and in doing so, they are empowered to do the impossible.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity,

Christine Herrman, Executive Director



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