Marketing / PR Internships

Event Marketing Intern Definition:

Working under the supervision of the Executive Director, this intern helps with the marketing and advertisement for an upcoming Yes! And… Collaborative Arts program or production. Sample events include our annual Auction for Collaborative Arts, Winter Sort of Thing production, Shadow Company Fringe Festival performance, and more!

Some duties and responsibilities:

  • Creating and maintaining computer-based updates
  • Making phone contact with schools and children’s groups in the area for ticket sales
  • Completing ticket sales and delivery of tickets
  • Providing schools and other groups with advertising information and group rate information

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • An independent, self-motivated work ethic
  • Good phone skills
  • The ability to learn and disseminate information about Yes! And… Collaborative Arts and upcoming productions.
  • Email correspondence at least once a weekday with their marketing superior.

Experience in the following is helpful but not mandatory:

A background in marketing or advertising. A background in the theatre. Any familiarity with digital design including, but not limited to: Photoshop, InDesign.

Please contact:
Michael Brix
Yes! And… Colaborative Arts

To apply

You should know:

  • The application is in an editible PDF format. You should be able to electronically complete it and send it back.
  • Please give us a few weeks to process before sending follow-up coorespondance.

Contact us:

Yes! And... Collaborative Arts 21 W. Washington Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19144
215-ART-GANG 215-278-4264 Contact Us Form

Internship Opportunities

Marketing & PR

Thinking about a career in marketing or public relations? Do you enjoy telling compelling stories, even sometimes in 144 characters or less?

Accounting & Administration

You are a details person! You like to look under the hood and see what makes things tick. Your internship can be in anything from non-profit accounting and bookkeeping to company management and leadership.

Summer Internships

Want to work with kids in our summer program? Or maybe you enjoy the details of camp work: making snack, running with kids at lunch, leading games.

Events & Fundraisers

The only thing more fun than attending a successful fundraiser, is knowing that you had a part in making it the best it could be.

And more!

Nothing here strike your fancy? You can feel free to contact us and let us know what you are interested in. We are a small enough organization that we can craft a unique internship experience that builds on your strengths and teaches you what you want to learn! Contact us today!