Executive Committee Meeting 10/17/18

EC Meeting – YACA
Present: D’vorah, Chris, Tracy, Claudia, Robin

Called to order: 6:52

  • Check-in with Chris:
    • Going well- just figuring things out
    • Michael has been coming in to help
    • Debbie has started
  • Chris and Deborah met
    • Up to speed on grants
    • We need to update our Strategic Plan- we need to follow something, but perhaps the one we have is too massive
    • Hard to develop a budget if we don’t know what we’re reaching for
    • Should we hire a grant writer for a short amount of time?
    • Can Chris and Debbie handle it, with Meg and Julie’s help? Tracy said she would help too….
  • Working on Fall Appeal letter- get that out in next week or so
    • It would be helpful to have a “map” to follow to ask individual donors
    • Perhaps a phone bank with Shadow kids to contact
    • Maintaining what we have for the next year will be crucial
  • ED Search Task Force is meeting on 10/24 at GMC
    • Most people said they could come
    • Possible that we might have to rethink the job description
  • Marketing and Media – Adam has said he would work on it
    • Debbie is good for doing social media
  • Grant cycle report – Michael prepared one, but Board has asked to see it
    • Chris will send it out before the Board meeting
  • Regulatory Agency work:
    • Claudia will be speaking with Michael about this
    • Renewing lease at GMC
    • Insurance is usually in February
    • Tax returns are in, need to be signed and filed
    • Tax- Exempt status, etc….
    • Contracts?
  • Update Board Portal
    • Website
  • New members:
    • Allison (already working!)
    • Mindy
    • Marie (maybe)
  • Financial status:
    • Chris presented proposed 2019 budget
    • We need to pay staff for training – even minimum wage
    • We need to pull back on our enrollment for Imagination Camp
    • D’vorah suggested that we prepare 3 different budgets, playing out different scenarios
    • This is going to be a more complex year
  • Ask Michael about VIP Match Donor
  • YACA Board Meeting
  • Committee Reports:
    • ED Report (Chris)
      • Annual Appeal
    • Executive Committee (D’vorah/Claudia)
    • Resource and Development Committee (Pat)
    • Auction Task Force Report (Pat)
    • Finance Committee:
      • 2019 Budget – presented and voted on
    • Nominating Committee (Meredith)
      • Update on Potential Members
      • Board Slate for 2019:
        • Co-Chairs/Secretary: D’vorah and Tracy
        • Treasurer: Jeff
        • Resource and Development Committee: TBA
        • Nominating (Meredith):
      • Strategic Plan:
      • Building/Space Issues
      • Task Force Called:
        • Strategic Plan
        • Task Force Reports
        • WSOT Task Force
      • VIP Event
      • Board Match
      • Tuition Task Force
      • Goodbye to Julie, Pat, Adam and Robin
      • Set 2019 Meeting Dates – dinner signup?
        January 15th
        March 16th (3rd SATURDAY- BOARD RETREAT – SAVE THE DATE!)
        May 14th
        July 16th
        September 17
        November 19th
        Next Meeting: January 15th, 2019
  • Next EC Committee Meeting:
December 18th, Location TBA
    W/ Executive Committee, New Board Members and Committee Chairs

Board Meeting 9/25/18

Yes And Board Meeting 9/25/18


In Attendance: D’vorah, Tracy, Marie, Meredith, Meg, Pat, Julie, Adam, Mindy, Allison, Michael, Chris, Jeff, Deborah (via phone)


– Icebreaker

– Approved minutes from last meeting

– Approval of meeting agenda

– Intro of 3 potential board members

– Allison – Yes And alum, WSOT at Eastern, Intern at Yes And, in not for profit accounting.

– Mindy – two kids who attend summer camp at Yes And, lives in community, background in education, Social Work – Macro/Community Org and Policy, currently in staff development – Leadership for National Equity

Marie – lives in community, Health Educator, President of Pomona Cherokee Civic Council – supporting SSOT/green space, Founder and Director of Living Well theater group, affiliated with Just Act.


–  ED report (Michael) – read letter to the board; Michael’s final board meeting as Executive Director.

– Programming (Chris) – end of summer report. 27 weeks of programming between the 4 programs. 232 kids total, 33 staff, 12 junior staff. This summer was the largest group of kids returning for multiple sessions. Most common ways families find our camp – word of mouth and returning campers.


Evaluation system – difficult and time consuming to administer and compile data; more feedback needed from parents.

Staff Evals – positive feedback; more training needed; staff does not reflect the diversity of the campers; staff tribe not cohesive; Atonement space poor.

Lack of A/C in spaces remains a barrier.

Theatre Camp going well; Imagination Camp in need of rework.

Will need to evaluate spaces moving forward; Difficult for Imagination Camp, SSOT and Shadow to coexist – space too small.

Only 5 staffers of 33 had worked 3yrs or more at summer camp; difficult to maintain culture.

Chris requested small stipend for training – (training currently unpaid). Targeted Grant?

Will need to increase training time with staff.

Will have leadership core again this year.

Came in only $5,000 over budget for the summer, stayed within budget for camperships.






Add to November Agenda – Building/space concerns – (Jeff may have suggestions/solutions)


Add to November Agenda – Recall Tuition Task Force


Resource and Development –

Fringe – we will break even; down to ½ of audience we had in previous years, expenses were a bit higher, 240 total audience over 6 shows – down from 400+ total audience in past years.

Program Book – should meet budget numbers, many return folks buying ads annually.

Annual Giving Campaign – is steady and slow; may need to do end of year campaign in addition to auction.

Auction – (Pat) – date of auction December 8th; now soliciting for donations; will have vacation homes again and EAGLES tickets for game in D.C. Both electronic and hard copy letters available for donation requests. Reminder – all board members are given two tickets to auction to invite two new people to attend; babysitting available. Passed auction sign-up sheet for board members participation in running event. Goal to raise $20,000 (raised 25k last year).


WSOT Task Force – primary task is to run VIP event on March 2nd; WSOT dates Feb 28th, March 1st, 2Nd AND 3RD. VIP event to be held at Bourbon Blue at 5pm – goal to raise 10k-15k, board members asked to bring guests for hard ask.

Board Challenge or not this year? Michael will investigate further.


Add to November Agenda – Convene WSOT Task Force in Dec/Jan


Parent Group Report – (Tracy) – popsicle events after Fri afternoon performances, handed out flyers at evening performances – low response rate. Coffee morning for parents successful; lots of positive feedback re: programming; increased sense of community/networking.


Nominating committee – Discussion with potential board members; fielded their questions –

What skillsets are we looking for?; How do we communicate our mission of social change?; How does the budget serve us/how do we make financial decisions?

Confirmed new board members for January.


Add to November Agenda – Need date for December Executive Committee Meeting


Board members addendum – (stay up to a year longer) – Jake, Meg, Claudia and Meredith will remain on board for transition. Board will re-evaluate in 6 months. Evaluate at May board meeting whether or not Michael will join board at this time.








Finance Update – (Jeff) – Numbers remain consistent with previous years; looking for strategies to increase structure around what we need to raise in a more specific manner.

Estimated need to raise $85k this year.


Executive Committee –  Chris will take on role of Interim Director; Tracy will co-chair with D’vorah in Jan; D’vorah and Tracy will hold Secretary role until January.

Proposed to hire temp admin at $17/hr, 12.5 hrs per week for 6 months. (Motion Passed)

Proposed salary increase for Chris while in role of Interim Director – increase by $2,300; pool of money available for additional hrs as needed for the 6 months in the role. (Motion Passed).

ED search update – overall we do not have the funds to pay quality of life salary for F/T ED position. Will need to re-evaluate the hrs/tasks of the position. Plan to repost with salary of 30k; explore restructuring of position – ED, Admin, Development (all P/T).


Duties to be assigned during Interim ED –

– Creating marketing for programs, events and performances, social media, WSOT. (Adam)

(Admin to assist with social media)

–  Government funding/Research new grant possibilities. (Julie)

– Donor Relations (on hold)

–  Annual Appeal – letter/mailer, maintaining mailing list (discuss with Deborah, Claudia and



Add to November Agenda – revisit Annual Appeal


– Grant reporting (Meg)

– Get descriptions of Government funding, grant apps due in January and send out to board

members (Michael)

– Compile list of due dates for upcoming grant reports (Michael)

– Running budgeting process – (Finance Committee)

– Help develop staff training – (D’vorah)

– Active communication with regulatory agencies, IRS, etc. (Claudia)

– Advertise for internship needs, supervise and train interns (on hold)

– Appeal to new board members in January – someone to chair RDC committee,

member to finance committee, member to nominating committee>

–  Deal with behavior modification as necessary (in programs); support and consult with

Chris. (Tracy)

– Next board meeting set for November 13th but proposed to be November 27th.

– Farewell to Michael