Meet Will: After School Group Director

We are getting excited about our second year of After School Group. Last year, these middle schoolers made a stop motion video, grew a garden, hosted a costume party/haunted house, and much more. This year, we are excited to be in a new home with our partners at the Reformed Episcopal Church of the Atonement (on Greene St). This new space gives us a chance to have our own rooms, projects that can last more than one week, and comfy bean bag chairs! We also have a new ASG director, Will Abbot. Summer Camp families will recognize Will as he was all over Imagination and Summer Theatre Camp this year. We wanted you to know a few more things about him, so we asked him a couple of questions.

ASG Director Will showing a young camper some filming techniques.

Where do you say you are from?

What would you define as “your art” or art that you do?
Theater, Improv

What drew you to work at YACA?
Two of my favorite things are working with kids and spontaneous artistic collaboration. I also saw in YACA an emphasis on fun and silliness and a care and attention to programming and staff support.

How did you engage with the arts growing up?
I was in a few elementary school plays, but my biggest early practice was with the violin. In high school I got more into writing and then acting and improv. In college, I continued acting, but also became interested in photography and film.

How has your work in the arts impacted your life so far?
Theater/Improv especially helped me to come out of my shell and embrace my innate silliness and theatricality. And theater communities have welcomed me in all my weirdness and peculiarity, which has helped me let go of tension and unhappiness I felt as a kid.

You worked with us this summer in a number of ways (traveler, artist-teacher, etc) can you tell about a breakthrough or moment of growth or realization you experienced with a kid at camp?
A new camper was very quiet and nervous to start camp, though she did start to warm up. However, after missing the first Wednesday, she was disoriented and disinterested by new tribe developments. But I took her aside, asked her about her day off, what she learned on her journey we could tell the tribe, and then worked out an addendum/pose for the two of us for our tribe chant. Afterward, she was great!

Favorite color? Favorite food?
Uh, red and pasta bolognese

Anything else we should know, Will?
If you are in 4th – 8th grade, or know someone who is, please sign up today for our After School Group! I promise we will have so much fun this year. Use this link to get to the signup form.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Joining WIll this year on staff are Summer Camp director Emily and Winter/Summer Sort of Thing alum Krista. Please join us!