Dispatches from Winter Sort of Thing: Producer’s note


Rehearsal fun!

Editor’s note: This post was written to appear in the upcoming 10th Anniversary Winter Sort of Thing playbill. We hope to see you there! You can get tickets at this link: wsot10years.eventbrite.com

A lot has changed in the last 10 years.

A lot has changed in the last 2 months.

In the world and for each of us up on this stage and working behind it.

But one thing has not changed for the Winter Sort of Thing tribe. We always set a goal that is impossible and then we go for it. If you don’t like to practice, to do it again and again, to pay attention to the small details, to be uncomfortable, sweaty, discouraged but determined, if you don’t have ambition for that impossible thing, this is not the tribe for you.

In the midst we share the weight. We care about and for each other.  We let things that don’t serve our goals go. And then we keep pushing, refining and revealing. I promise you that watching someone with perfect pitch phone it in is not as interesting, compelling, or heart warming as when the kid who is working as hard as they can and from time to time goes sharp or flat.

Our excellence is diverse and defined by commitment to our craft.

Our excellence is defined by our community.

Our excellence is determined by our collaboration; the grace, honesty and faithfulness we bring to our tribe.  And the ability to value those who are different, because everyone is.

What you will witness here is the manifestation of that commitment, community and collaboration.  That took two months and it took ten years.

I hope our good stories will bring you back over the next ten.


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