Dispatches from Winter Sort of Thing: Guest Blog post from Dave Manzo

Editor’s Note: Dave Manzo has been a part of Yes! And… Collaborative Arts since our second summer doing Theatre Camp. He’s been involved in Winter Sort of Thing also from the beginning behind the scenes: filming the shows, being a dad so Sarah can write the music, taking promo pictures, and more. This year he’s in one of the scenes for our 10th Anniversary! I asked him to write a guest blog post about his experiences.

WSOT has a special place in my heart for many reasons.  Many many moons ago I was a camp traveler with one of Yes! And… camp first Summer Theatre programs.  At the time I was going to Eastern College and was a “super famous” actor on campus so Mark Hallen asked me if I wanted to have a starring role in the summer camp show.  Well, I jumped at the opportunity and didn’t look back. The “Roughin Joda’s” our tribe was called. Jonica (Fassett) Kinney and I rallied and raged the stage with a great bunch of kids that summer. I still have wonderful memories from that experience. 

Dave shot this video from our show “Down With the Crown” a few years back. Now, he’s in the scene!

Since then I’ve married one of the Co-Founders, Sarah Butts who also composes a lot of the music for the WSOT shows. When I was 25 I retired from stage acting but I’ve always wanted to be a part of the WSOT shows. I could never do it because of the time commitment and my work schedule but when I heard they were doing a medley of the past 10 years of WSOT shows I had to do it.  So I slipped Brooke $100 and she landed me a starring role in the show. I’m Murray in the Dragon Scene, it’s going to be amazing.  

I’m so proud of this group of people that have committed themselves to building this company into what it is today.  They are all friends of mine so seeing this organisation do so much good for some many people over the years is a really cool thing.  It’s a big, big honor to be a part of this year’s musical production with the Yes! And… family. I’m super excited to be on stage singing some of my wife’s songs in front of an audience of people. I’ve always been immensely proud of her behind the scenes and now I get to be a part of the show!

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