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Board Meeting 11/15/16

Y!ACA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, 11/15/16

Dinner 5:30pm

Public Meeting 6:00-7:00

Private Meeting 7:00-8:00

In Attendance

Jake Miller, Meg Williams, Tia Matheson, Julie Kring, Deborah Crocker, Linda (Nicole’s mom), Jeff Linneman, Claudio Huot, Pat Fiorella, Trish Murzyn, Adam Woods, Kasey Thompson, Chris Herrman, Michael Brix

Public Meeting

Kasey gave a presentation overviewing the non-profit and philanthropic landscape. She remarked how Yes! And… is good at doing work that is in line with the organization’s mission (other non-profits sometimes struggle with this).

Auction Update

  • We have about 35 items so far, but would like to have about 100
  • We are also courting sponsors to attend and advertise
  • We are also asking board members to bring someone who’s never been before; board members will be given 2 complimentary tickets to bring “new” people

Public Portion of Meeting is Adjourned

Committee Reports

Executive: Nothing to report, but see proposed board slate below.

Nominating: We had two prospective board members visiting tonight, both of whom have started the onboarding process. Deborah has visited our programming, and Linda is a parent of a current Yes! And… youth. D’vorah also intends to return to board in 2017.

VOTE: Tia motioned that we approve all three prospective board members, Julie seconded, and it passed unanimously.

Strategic Planning: We made a few updates to strategic plan (which board should have received electronically) and we have added a few “Plan B”s. It is now ready for a vote.

VOTE: Claudia moved to vote in the strategic plan, Trish seconded, and it passed unanimously.

Resource Development: Has absorbed the finance committee. Presented the Resource Development Plan and FY2017, held a discussion, and offered it up for a vote.

VOTE: Trish moved to vote in the Resource Development Plan and FY2017 Budget, Jeff seconded, and it passed unanimously.

WSOT Task Force Called

Pat, D’vorah, Claudia

Board Slate for 2017

RDC: Pat?

Strategic Planning: Marcella and Jake

Nominating: Meredith?


Co-Chairs: Claudia and Meg

Treasurer: Adam

Secretary: Robin

Tia motioned that we adjourn, Claudia seconded, and it passed unanimously with enthusiasm. Hearty bon voyage to Trish and Tia.