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Executive Committee Meeting 10-20-16

Executive Board Meeting

Present: Meg, Adam, Robin, Michael


Michael’s Review:

  • Strengths:
    • Ability to build solid relationships in the community, families and staff
    • Increased YACA’s profile in the area
    • New Grants brought in this year
  • Areas to improve:
    • Work more closely with Strategic Plan committee
    • Engage w/ individual donors
    • Financial and development opportunities:
  • Executive Committee Recommendations:
    • Hire someone to do bookkeeping and donor care
    • Resolve the “tension” between the founders, board, and staff by finding a device to do this
    • Figuring out how to manage burnout for ED, Board and Staff
  • Michael’s thoughts:
    • Loving relationship with Kasey Thompson from Lenfest
    • Feeling better about relationship with staff
    • Feels isolated
    • Should be diversifying our income streams
    • Should we have a “think outside the box” brainstorming session with a Rogue Strategic Planning committee??

Committee Recommendations:

  • Need to have a “to do” list for each committee meeting! Michael has worked on one, and will be distributed to ALL committee chairs at our January Meeting
  • If Adam could come to a couple RDC meetings a year, that would be so helpful – April and October

Next Board Meeting: November 15th – 5:30 dinner, 6:00 Meeting

  • To be sent out 2 weeks before:
    • Resource Development Plan – vote
      2017 Budget – vote
    • Nominating Committee:
  • Potential members to come to meeting
  • Agenda for Meeting:
    • Board Slate for 2017 – think about it
      • RDC Chair: Pat
      • Finance Committee: Adam
      • Nominating Committee: Co Chair with Tia?
      • Strategic Planning: Co Chairs Marcella
      • Executive Committee: Co Chairs Claudia and Meg?,
      • Treasurer: Adam, Secretary: Robin
    • Committee Reports:
      • Executive Committee
      • Nominating
      • Strategic Plan
      • Executive Committee
      • Resource and Development
        • Vote On 2017 Plan
      • Finance Committee:
        • Vote on 2017 Budget
      • Task Forces Called:
        • WSOT
        • Task Forces Check-In
        • Auction
    • Kasey Thompon from Lenfest will come in and work with Board
    • Goodbye to Trish

Next Year’s Meetings – please put on calendar

  • December 20th w/ Executive Committee and Board Chairs: Location TBA (also Adam’s Birthday)
  • January 17th – FULL BOARD
  • Feburary 21st – Executive Committee
  • March 18th? FULL BOARD MEETING/Board Retreat
  • April 18th – Executive Committee
  • May 16th – FULL BOARD
  • June 20th – Executive Committee
  • July 18th – FULL BOARD
  • August 15th – Executive Committee
  • September 19th – FULL BOARD
  • October 17th – Executive Committee
  • November 21st – FULL BOARD
  • December 19th – Executive Committee and Committee Chairs