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YACA Long Term Operational Plan

Long Term Operational Plan

Board meeting minutes 9-20-16

Yes! And… Collaborative Arts Board Meeting – 9/20/16

Members Present: Trish, Pat, Jeff, Tia, Marcella, Jake, Meg (chair), Julie, Adam, Mike, Chris & Robin (via phone)
Members Absent: Meredith, Claudia

Meeting Start Time: dinner and fellowship at 5:30pm, formal meeting at 6:10pm

Minutes from last meeting unanimously approved.

Agenda for this meeting unanimously approved.

Committee Reports:

  • Executive Director (Michael) [report attached, added that 1.) Chris did an amazing job hosting and wrangling Fox 29, 2.) it is very difficult to work at GMC when weather is abusively hot, 3.) we should be cautious of burning out our summer staff, and 4.) our staff is building an evaluative system to evaluate summer programming] 
  • Programming (Chris) [reporter’s note: this report rightly takes about 45 minutes to deliver, and usually merits healthy clarification and discussion, 
    • Summer 2016 Report [attached] added that we may want to add a wraparound staffer who can help with administrative duties but also cover if/when sick staffers call out (which happened a lot this summer)
    • SSOT [added that there were some growing pains to 1.) familiarize parents with SSOT program and 2.) making sure recruited kids actually turn up]
    • Shadow
  • Executive Committee (Meg) [No new business, only a reminder to get Executive Director evaluations in]
  • Finance Committee (Adam)
    • Initial 2017 Budget Review – tabled for November meeting (should really only ever be in November)
    • Financial position is safe, but board should still (and always) concentrate on fundraising
  • Development Committee (Trish)
    • RDC has not met to go over 2017 Fundraising Plan in lieu of concentrating on auction fundraiser. Good for us all to think of fall as “Fundraising Season.”
    • Auction will be 12/10/16, 6-10pm. $25 tickets. Meredith will serve as Auction Manager.
    • Pat is spearheading acquiring donations. Encouraging us to think of who we’re connected to (think FAR-FETCHED). Growth opportunities are 1.) get more (rich) people there, and 2.) farm your connections for more items.
    • Sign-up sheet went around for folks to get involved.
  • Strategic Plan Committee (Claudia)
    • Updates/New Plan Presentation [attached]
    • per Jeff & Jake’s suggestion, we will be adding an item under Objective 1 to fund our year-round staff positions at a competitive rate (committee will return w/ text)
  • Nominating Committee (Tia) [nothing to report]
    • Updates on new member nominations
    • Board Cultivation events

Task Force Reports/Calls:

  • Auction Task Force: Report (see above, RDC)
  • WSOT Task Force: kicked to Exec Comm, who intends to Voluntell folks and firm up at November meeting.


  • SSOT Debrief (see above, in connection w/ Chris’s report)
  • ED Evaluation Reminder (see above, in Exec Comm report)

New Business

Mike suggested we join the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, at a cost of approximately $350, which will save us 10% on our payroll fees, offer discounted advertising in Philly Fun Guide, and a host of other benefits. Jeff motions, Claudia seconds, passed unanimously.

Time meeting adjourned: 8:12pm