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Board Meeting Minutes 7-19-16

Board Meeting
 July 19, 2016
 6:00 PM

PRESENT: Meg, Meredith, Trish, Marcella, Jeff, Adam, Jake, Claudia, Robin, Chris, Michael


Approval of Minutes from last meeting: APPROVED
Approval of Agenda: APPROVED


ED Report (Michael):
   Camp is going well, numbers are very robust, we are really at capacity.  What does that mean for upcoming years?
   Shadow CO is great: This year's show will NOT be family-friendly- taking on very grownup issues
   Senior Banquet was great: celebrated Natalie (as a surprise!) 

   Upcoming Events:
       Friday is the first 6:00 PM show, and it's also Alumni Night - inviting campers and staff to come 
       August 12, September 2nd are the next two shows
       August 9, PHILO company is coming to film a documentary about us- the whole day! 
       August 16, FOX29 will be coming to put us on their morning show!  
       SSOT August 17, 18 and 19th, 6:00 PM
       SHADOW September 9, 10 and 16th and 17th
       Saturday August 13 - Field Day! 11:00 - 2:00
Programming (Chris):
   Mid-summer report: Operating at full capacity except for 4 slots for middle schoolers 
      Tuition- still waiting for some to come in, but epxected is over projected
      Camperships: 50% awarded, partial and full

      SSOT- we are awarding more camperships than we expected - will examine the numbers and see why this is 

      Chris is going to her mandatory "running a care-center" training - will be for Fall programming - per Lenfest
      Afterschool program is in the works!  Will be looking for staff and kids to sign up  

Research and Development Committee (Trish)
   Resource Development Report: 
      Board Cultivation- within $300- great work!
      Grants and Foundations: great so far!  Waiting for more in the Fall
      SHADOW banquet, upcoming events, ads in SSOT program, etc.  
      Auction: Saturday Evening, December 10th, 6:00?
        Auction Task Force: Trish, Pat, Meredith, Claudia, Marcella, Robin
        Call WSOT Task Force - will call in September

Strategic Plan Committee (Claudia) - will present new draft in September 
Finance Committee (Adam):
  Program by program budget:
    Programs are basically self-sustaining, as they pay for overhead
    As the Board, we are responsible to get people to donate to make more
    Stuff in progress: IMagination camp, SHADOW, SSOT
    New program: afterschool, which will mostly be paid for by LENFEST 
  We really need to get to the $12,000 campership goal- so please, help spread the word!!  

Executive Committee (Meg): Nothing to report
Nominating Committee (Tia): 
    Tia and Michael are looking at names from last time, and please let her know if you have any new names to let them know

SSOT Task Force Presentation/Job Sign Ups (Robin):
    Passed around sign up sheet for jobs- Board members who are not here will be asked to sign up as well
    Robin and Michael will decide on food, etc....would be great for Board members to donate pizzas, pretzels, etc.
    We still have a gap between the projected income from tuition and projected expenses, so we should really figure out
      what we're going to do about it

Next meetings:
 September 20, 2016
 November 15th, 2016

Dispatches from the Field: Dance Class

Dance Class Lesson Plan

good picWe’re off to a great start in the second week of Imagination Camp! Francesca, Maryam, and I are collaborating as Artist Teachers on our theme, 2D vs. 3D. So far, everyone in camp is developing puppet characters-they’re sort of like alter egos. In visual art, campers are creating what their puppets’ village and everyday dress looks like.


In movement class, we start by warming up our bodies and brains before diving into creative exploration and interactive movement games. Yesterday, in order to explore the different movements of the hands and feet, we remixed the hokey pokey by choosing our own body parts, verbs, and popular dance references.


Today, movement class was focused on exploring shape and quality. We came up with a working definition in the Bravemazing tribe: A shape is a picture or angle you create using the lines of your body and patterns in space. A quality is a type of energy you feel as you are moving.


I taped a section of the floor in four quadrants and together we chose a shape or quality to go in each quadrant: sphere, zig zag, heavy, and sharp. After exploring these quadrants and observing each other, campers had the chance to try on and shift between other modes. Identifying different qualities in movement will help us as we determine which ways of moving will be the best suited for the end of the week showcase.


My favorite observation from a camper today was that “everyone danced how they wanted to and didn’t care who was watching them.” A few others commented on how many different choices their tribe members made based on the same prompt.  Movement class is great avenue for children to make confident choices and to appreciate the nuances of the people who make up their tribe!