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Board Meeting Minutes

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Executive Committee Meeting 6/14/16

Yes And Collaborative Arts
Executive Board Meeting
6/14/16 7:00 PM
Present: Meg, Robin, Michael


Board Membership:
New Member Cultivation:

Nominating committee has some people in mind, will follow up with Tia
Board Health/New Member Update:
Check in with Board Advocates and see how new members are feeling
Find ways to involve members even if they can’t come to meetings
Need to be taking roll and checking in with people
Make people feel thanked
Ice cream party at next meeting??? Check in with Michael

Budget update:
Very close to a program by program budget everyone can understand
Afterschool program is balanced, SSOT SHOULD make a bit of money
also looking for CCIS money in addition to tuition
Summer programming update:
Everything is good. Only SSOT slots remain
Shifting attention to fall and winter….
SSOT board involvement/task force update:
Food, sell items, activities
Volunteer sign up sheet for July meeting
Pre sell t-shirts??
Strategic Plan (per Calendar) Update and next steps?
Some response from board on email- the activity really was something that       would be better executed in person
The hope is to send out a survey to stakeholders to help us ascertain what our  future growth should be
Strategic planning committee will work on this and we will hear from them soon

Annual Executive Committee Calendar – copied from last year’s June meeting- still relevant?
Special Board meeting- on-boarding event with new members
Final agenda for March Retreat
Set regular meeting times
Work on On-Boarding Process (will go to nominating committee)
Retreat follow-up
Look at Strategic Plan for other responsibilities and put into calendar
Schedule and Plan Board Training on how to speak about Yes!And for July   Meeting
Consider Board Development Training Possibilities
Annual review of Job Descriptions
New Member training/on boarding plan, including Board Resources
ED Review
Review Board Manual
Begin conversation around slate of officers/committee members
Revisit On-boarding Members
Special meeting with Committee Chairs to make schedule and plan for Board
Set date for On-boarding and agenda for Early January
Discussion of slate, new member committee assignments

Agenda for next board meeting – done

Next meetings:
August 17th or 18th – at the show
October 18th
December 20th – all committee chairs will join us

Strategic Plan 2016-2018