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Board Meeting 5-17-16

Yes! And Collaborative Arts
Board Meeting Agenda
May 17, 2016
6:00 PM


Present: Meg, Julie, Tia, Marcella, Michael, Trish, Robin, Adam and Pat, with Jake appearing later
Also present, Eli, our intern

Approval of Minutes from last meeting: Marcella approved, Pat seconded, unanimously approved
Approval of Agenda: Approved

ED Report (Michael):

CAMP: Imagination Camp is full, even after hiring staff, we are still full again, with a robust waiting list

YA has had a presence around the community: Mt. Airy Day, CW Henry’s Fun Fit Fest, and others!

We have been given the DOUTY grant ($4000)!

And we received the Lenfest Grant! ($35,000)

PHILO organization- free promotional video!

Michael was invited to a reception at the Ludwick Foundation, and a representative will be coming to observe this summer

Michael is serving on the PA Council of the Arts Panel which rewards grants
Benefit Concert was AMAZING!!

Michael invites us all to come visit camp- bring a funder on Fridays and have lunch!

Fun events coming up- Alumni Appreciation and Shadow Banquet

Camp Field Day

Development Committee (Trish):


Playmakers event: $10,500

Board Cultivation – we have heard from many people, please update Trish with your plans


In talks with Ludwig and Bartol

Rejected from EMAN and The Transition Network

Benefit Concert:

Was so fun! Great event! Holding locally was great- and everyone who paid had a connection with Y!A

Bands donated their time and Alma Mater let us keep the door

Net profits $1637.93, which was double what we made last year!! We were a little short of our goal, but we should be happy with the increase!

Great to be local, we should definitely book same place next year!

Subscribe to the Google Calendar on the website if that helps! Go to and click on the +Google Calendar button…it will lead you to the Google Calendar- add the calendar named “Dawn Duska” Calendar and you will be all set!

Upcoming Events:

Campership Campaign

Alumni Night at SSOT

Auction- Planning will start in late Summer!

Individual Donations

We had an increase in monthly donors from WSOT event

Will push for more donations with campership Campaign

Fundraisers/Summer Sort of Thing: Task force will call a meeting asap

Strategic Plan (Michael):

Committee Met- we have current operational plan from Betsy- discussions:

Plan should have measurable goals

Should also have a “Plan B” for what happens when we don’t make the goals

Next Steps:

Would like to send out a brief survey to stakeholders, asking their thoughts

Board will be asked to help draft the survey- look for the email with the template

Still need comparative salary rates of organizations our size with similar job descriptions, NPOs and Arts Organizations

Finance Committee (Adam):

New Information/Budget:
We will get that info soon- lots of moving parts
Salary Discussion – Brooke’s Salary

Lenfest grant is earmarked for middle school funding and SSOT, which Brooke would be working on to develop the programming

If we are going to pay someone, we might as well pay Brooke to work on it

If we vote to give Brooke the raise, we should only approve it for this year, and contingent if we don’t get the grant again

Brooke will be paid as an annual salaried administrator, and whatever jobs Michael and Brooke agree she will work on will fall under her job description

Voted by silent ballot: YES: 8, NO: 1 ABSTENTION: 0

We have approved to give Brooke a salary increase for this year.  This will be readdressed yearly as we see what our budget looks like each year

Summer Camp- proportion of income/cost is the same, even if the projected income is less

Campership Goal is $12,000- we can do this!!!

Executive Committee (Meg):

Nothing to report

Nominating Committee (Tia):

If you have any people you’d like to share as potential members, please pass their info on to the committee

Programming (Chris via Michael):  Report is in packet

Summer Sort of Thing
Summer Camp: doing great, almost full!
Studio Classes: Reassessing programming- perhaps 6-8 week sessions, more continuous, would be better- and with afterschool program we will have more kids
SHADOW: have done a ton, really robust group!!

New Business:

If you’d like business cards or YACA email addresses, let Michael know!

Next Meeting
July 19, 2016
5:30 Dinner, 6:00 Meeting