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Special Executive Committee Meeting 4/6/16

Yes!And Collaborative Arts
Special Executive Board Meeting
April 7, 2016

Present: Claudia, Tia, Meg, Trish, Michael and Robin

Called to Order: 7:14 PM

2016 Budget including:
Financial snapshot right now is ok- with tuition, monthly giving, etc.
Brooke’s salary increase discussion:
Brooke is asking for an additional $2300, to be paid over the course of the year
We would make a job description for her position
We should think about hiring a production manager rather than having Brooke do it all
There will be a meeting on Sunday to discuss what WSOT should be
WSOT is self-sustaining in terms of cost- so it’s ok
We need a different way to look at our income- looking at it program by program isn’t quite working – need to write up budget so that we see how programs support overhead
We need to consider Brooke’s increase as part of our overall picture
It’s possible that if our grants come in that we could make a better decision and increase her salary
We granted the money from Mark to ourselves to pay for the salary increases last year, and we have used some of that money to pay for other things, just by default
We have a goal to increase monthly donations- where are we with that?
We will go to Brooke and let her know that we want to make this work
Summer Sort of Thing:
Budget has been reworked
We should put a strategy together on how to cover the expenses
We need to call a SSOT Task Force: Number goal, plan B in case it doesn’t work out, what is the marketing strategy
Strategic Planning
Michael has typed up the summary from the Board retreat
Next Steps:
Survey to stakeholders re: visioning
Where would we like to be next?
We need to find our trajectory, and when money comes in, we fit it in to the path
Keeping track of benchmarks
Board Health: Check in
Nominating Committee Update: Tia
Now is Claudia and Tia
Bringing new members on, we should focus on people whose children are not involved- we are parent heavy, and when decisions about the organization are made, emotions too high,  we need more board diversity

Next Meeting:
June 14th, 2016: 7:00 PM

May’s Board Meeting Agenda:

Executive Director
Executive Committee
Resource and Development Committee
Strategic Planning Committee
Nominating Committee

Discussions Salary Increase:

Summer Sort of Thing:
Call SSOT Task Force: Members – Robin, Tia