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Board Meeting 3/19/16

Yes!And Board Meeting
2:00 PM

Present: Trish, Jeff, Marcella, Pat, Robin, Julie, Meg, Meredith, Adam, Claudia (on telephone)

  • Agenda:
    • Approval of Agenda: Approved
    • Approval of Minutes from January Meeting: Approved
  • WSOT Report and Wrap Up:
    • Chris presented the report:
      • Feedback was mostly positive: tuition was appropriate, time was most difficult part of the program
      • Number one negative was having to pay for parking
      • Gave out 3 scholarships, we brought in more money than projected in some areas, but not in other
      • Board Event was main way the program made any money!
      • Biggest number of tickets sold were 2 matinees and Saturday night!
      • Think about discount night, maybe Thursday – open dress, pay-what-you-can
  • Financial Status:
    • Need to sign the 1090 and mail in this week
    • Michael gave us a clearer idea of our financial status
      • It wasn’t that we LOST $48K, it was that we failed to RAISE $48K.  There’s a difference.
      • Our emphasis should be how we can raise more money to keep our programs viable
      • We still have money in the bank because of the money we got from Mark Hallen- we haven’t replaced that money
      • Look into Grants that are specifically for general operation costs
      • Hone our narrative so we can go for more grants
  • Reports:
    • Executive Director:
      • Report will be available online
      • WSOT will be in March next year!  So we don’t have to start rehearsing until January
      • We had to cancel 2 studio classes due to low-enrollment
      • Maybe starting in January will be better
      • SHADOW is in Delaware today to be part of a theater festival
      • 24 hour Chalkboard Theater project was amazing! 10 minute plays in 24 hours…
      • Michael met with a friend who works at CCP- encouraged to set up a weekly routine to touch base with stakeholders and donors – we will be getting weekly emails on Fridays!
    • Executive Committee:
      • Planning for retreat
      • Budget and finances
      • We will be receiving an evaluation form for the retreat- please respond!!
    • Finance Committee:
      • We looked at the program/working budget during the morning part of our meeting – the hope is that this format will help us understand the financial status of the organization
    • Development Committee:
      • Board Cultivation was supposed to be due today.  Trish asked for us all to check in and let us know where we were at
        • Thinking about WHO to ask is the trick- perhaps alumni and parents who are able are the ones to ask
        • Finding connections somehow is what’s important.
        • Email Trish and let her know where you are
      • WSOT Event was amazing
      • Grants: Michael is working amazingly hard.  Outstanding Grants include:
        • Mt. Airy Neighbors- asking for $5000- want to see more kids from Mt. Airy neighborhood
        • LenFest- has been working on it for 6 months- asking for $35K for middle school programming
        • Douty- Shadow – $5000
        • Collaboration between IHN and us – working on this as well
        • Denied from Saturday Club- but we probably asked for too much- ask for less money next year because we were told our application was very strong!
        • Next Event : May 13th- Benefit Concert
          • At Alma Mater
          • We set the price, have our own door, and can bring our own bands, which are:
            • 50 Cent Band
            • Gobble Ghoul
          • Drag Show at 11:00!
          • Fill the place, so $10/pp
      • Strategic Planning Committee – next meeting is scheduled
        • We did lots of SOAR work today during our retreat; the committee will take that information and update our strategic plan
      • Nominating Committee:
        • Shannon Oberg has resigned from the board, but has agreed to stay on Advisory Counsel
        • Robin moved to accept resignation; Trish seconded it. Voted to accept
        • Katie Phillips has resigned from the board- she is moving to Nashville
        • Jeff moved to accept resignation, Adam seconded.  Voted to accept
        • Now this must move to Nominating committee to try to find potential new members- so if you think of people, let them know!
      • Programming Update:
        • We had to cancel 2 classes; we won’t lose any money on this because we don’t pay if we don’t hold the class
        • Summer snapshot:
          • We are more than 1/2 way towards our enrollment projections
          • At this point, 53% have asked for partial or full camperships
          • We are reaching space capacity quickly!!
          • Two recruitment events – April 23, Middle School Preview Day, and May 7, Mt. Airy Day- we are also revealing the new logo that day!
          • Summer Sort of Thing: about 1/2 way towards capacity
          • SHADOW: see above
          • Summer Sort of Thing: Will be performing at Awbury Arboretum!
    • New Business:
      • Logo will be released for Mt. Airy Day
      • Salary: Brooke, who is part-time Artistic Director, has come to a place where she doesn’t feel like she can continue at the current salary amount.  She has started looking for other jobs, but has asked for a salary increase to stay
      • We also need to realize that Brooke and Chris (both part-time), and work both in programming aspect and year- round administrative.  We should also consider paying them monthly rather than on a per-job fee
      • Discussed all pros and cons
      • We need to work out the details of the budget
      • Adam will work on a revised budget, and he will come to the RDC meeting
      • Consensus is that we would like to make it work, we just need to figure out how
    • Next meeting: May 17, 2016, 5:30 dinner, 6:00 meeting

2016 Budget

Updated monthly

Executive Committee Meeting 1-4-16

Executive Committee Meeting with Committee Chairs

Present: Adam, Trish, Tia, Claudia, Robin, Meg and Michael (by virtual means)



  1. Solidify committee assignments
    1. Executive Committee
      1. Chair – Meg Williams
      2. Co-Chair – Adam???
      3. Treasurer – Jake??
      4. Secretary – Robin Shane
    2. Finance Committee
      1. Chair, Adam Woods
      2. Fred Shandell
      3. Michael Brix
    3. Resource Development
      1. Chair – Trish Murzyn
      2. Members- Meredith, Katie, Pat, Julie, Robin, Jeff
    4. Strategic Plan
      1. Chair – Claudia Huot
      2. Members – Marcela, Jake,
    5. Nominating Committee
      1. Chair – Tia Mathisen
      2. Nominating- Katie, Claudia
  2. Board health and planning participation thru WSOT
    1. Previous Thoughts
      1. Make sure everyone knows board responsibilities
      2. Everyone knows how to get involved
      3. Does everyone feel comfortable
    2. Things to do:
      1. Send Email to Board to tell them about the VIP Reception on Saturday night as well as to the show
      2. Ask Board Members to buy/sell ads
      3. Generate VIP reception
  3. Go through relevant board manual items
  4. Board Manual Updates:
    1. We went through the manual and Adam is taking notes
    2. He will update and send the new out – Michael, please give Adam editing priviledges
    3. RE: Bios- We will ask previous Board members to update (MJB has new board member ones and will update)
    4. Organizational history- update if necessary – perhaps use files from grants
    5. Calendar : updating as below
    6. Meetings: Third Tuesday every other month, 5:30 dinner, meeting 6:00-7:30
    7. We would like to make sure we keep a handle on budget disbursements before larger amounts are spent
    8. Board Retreat/Development Day: March 19, 2016
  5. Agenda for January meeting: We will do virtually
  6. Ideas for Board Retreat: Ask virtually
  7. Next Meeting: TBA

Budget 2015

You may have to scroll within the window to see the entire sheet.