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RDC Minutes 2/16/16

Yes! And… Collaborative Arts

Development Committee Meeting Minutes

February 16// 7:00 pm GMC


Attendees: Jeff Linneman, Pat Fiorella, Michael Brix, Trish Murzyn

 Welcome and introductions of new committee members

  • Pat Fiorella and Jeff Linneman
  • Virtual introduction of Susan Disston who will be volunteering on the committee mainly in grant writing:

Friends of the Sexton family. They have a lot of money but have not given for a while. She is an administrator at a seminary in Hatboro, we will use her to look over grant proposals, she will help us create assessments for the grants.

Recent Events and Initiatives Recap:


  • Made $11,000, spent $450, made people feel connected, great space!
  • WSOT Sponsorships: parents really came through with corporate ads
  • WSOT came close to breaking even. In the future the only way we are going to make money in the future of WSOT will be if we get a grant.
  • Year End Mailing Campaign: Goal is $8,000; Brought in a little over $8,000

Upcoming Events

Benefit Concert Committee Update


  • Possible outside space in Mt. Airy near Upsal Street, fire pit, picnic tables, alcohol possible by paying a higher fee
  • Bourbon & Branch is another option Katie is looking in to.


  • We need the date ASAP. Tentative May 14


  • Need ideas and people with connections.
  • 50 cent bin, Birdie Bush, Gooble Ghoul, Matt Duke, Humble Man Band,

Invitation plan: will come up with strategy as soon as date and band are settled

Other volunteer needs: Committee will let us know what the needs are from the board.

Board Cultivation

  • Goal: $7,476.00
  • Enthusiastically communicated to the board at January’s meeting
  • New donor information due by the March board meeting


Recently applied:

Saturday Club grant ($20,000)

  • A member of this organization came to see WSOT and invited Michael to apply for a grant whose deadline had just passed. He was granted permission to apply late if he could get it done in one week and he did.

Grants in progress

  • Lenfest ($40,000): Final decision April: initial draft due in the next week or so. Final draft due by March 18
  • EMAN: Managed by Philadelphia Foundation ($5,000-10,000) Proposal Letter due 2/23/16
  • The Transition Network ($9,000) due March 2016; hold 3 slots a week for IHN kids

Ideas for Summer

  • Sponsorships: what can we give?

Have an ad book for evening shows

Sponsorship levels on website. Nothing for summer now. We can work on what we can give in return for underwriting camp

Perhaps put the name of a business on the back of a t-shirt? Need to think more on that idea

  • Small events:

Alumni appreciation night – perhaps do a bigger event this year with this

Shadow Banquet – Last Friday of Shadow Camp.

  • Camperships: mailings in June and push through social media, email, and at the benefit concert.

Next Meeting

April 12 at 7pm at GMC