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Development Committee Minutes

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Resource and Development Committee Minutes 12/15/15

Yes! And….Collaborative Arts
RSD Committee Meeting
December 15, 2015
12:30 PM

Present: Pat, Trish, Robin, Michael

Auction Recap:

Ready for it to be an evening event, but timing would be tough….
Got people motivated as a major fundraising event
Trish will get committees together next year and get them to work
Food was good, Trish will talk to him about the minor changes we would like for next year
Pick the date earlier, and call task force in July to start working
Perhaps December 3rd or 10th next year, at a later time (3:00-7:00 range)
Would have been nice to be able to showcase stuff from the year- celebrate the kids….we just didn’t have the manpower to help
Ways to celebrate the year we’ve had!

Year End Mailing:
Going out in next few days – 1000 being mailed, 3 emails to supplement the mailing
Goal: $6500 (last year was $5000)

WSOT Event:
Pat is looking at 10th Presbyterian Church- possible to use the space
There is a bar in the downstairs at Plays and Players- is that possible to use?
Or the black box?
Also, look into using pubs or bars who have places downtown, or lofts, or something
Keep thinking about places
Monthly donors as thank-you
Specific people who are from Yes!And
Advisory Board
Every WSOT family are asked to provide name of 1 other family to prep
We will look into the SP to see what our goal is

WSOT Sponsorships/program ads, etc.
Have sold front and back cover, but need to know if there’s anything else we need to be printed in color
Will pursue easier methods to collect boosters, etc.

SEYBERT, $5000; UBA, $2000
Denied from Douty
Grants in progress – Lenfest – asked for $50,000, still in progress.  Won’t know until April
Still some WSOT coming in
Fine place
Studio classes:  adding a 4th class – we make a few thousand each

Committee Action:
Nothing to report

Nothing to report

Getting Board members to get a certain number of donors a month, and how to get that to happen
Will need to present idea to the rest of the Board in January
Need to give Board members a packet to present to potential donors
We will ask people to work on it between January and March, and report back by the March retreat (tentatively scheduled for March 12)

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, February 16, time TBA