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2016 Board Members and Slate

Board Slate


Board Membership (2016):


Claudia Huot         (term 2, year 1)

Jake Miller             (term 2, year 1)

Shannon Oberg         (term 2, year 1)

Meredith Sexton        (term 2, year 1)

Robin Shane         (term 2, year 1)

Meg Williams        (term 2, year 1)

Adam Woods         (term 2, year 1)

Tia Mathisen            (term 1, year 3)

Trish Murzyn            (term 1, year 3)

Katie Phillips            (term 1, year 3)

Pat Fiorella             (term 1, year 1)

Julie Kring            (term 1, year 1)

Jeff Linneman        (term 1, year 1)

Marcella McCoy-Dey     (term 1, year 1)


Board Officers (2016):


Chair: Meg Williams (year 2)

Secretary: Robin Shane (year 2)

Treasurer: Adam Woods (year 3)


Committee Chairs (2016):


Resource Development – Trish Murzyn

Strategic Planning Committee – Claudia Huot

Finance Committee – Adam Woods

Nominating Committee – Tia Mathisen


Advisory Council (2016):


Nora Cohen

Bethany Flood

Kevin Hackenberg

D’vorah Horn-Greenberg

Dave Manzo

Betsy Morgan

Fred Shandell

Bill Skene

Pat Torosian

Mary Virtue

Van Weigel

Kristin Winch

Board Meeting Minutes 11/10/15

Board Meeting 11/10/15

PRESENT: Meg, Trish, Katie, Meredith, Betsy, Shannon, Adam, Claudia, D’vorah, Robin

  • Presentation of Gifts and Letters to D’vorah and Betsy
  • Approval of Previous Meeting’s minutes: Adam moved to approve, Katie seconded, Approved
  • Approval of Agenda: D’vorah approved, Shannon seconded, Approved
  • Personal Mission Statement Activity
    • Last two sessions we used the medicine wheel and the four directions as it applies tothings you find important in your life, and the values that are important to you
    • For this last activity, we used the medicine wheel and directions as it applies to Yes!And
    • Pull all of these things in to write our Personal Mission Statement
    • Some shared their thoughts

•Task Force Check-Ins
• Auction: Update and needs: Trish

  • We have an auctioneer – WSTW DJ
  • Melalane: Mediterranean Restaurant will cater
  • We have been getting donations coming in- be sure to put on the website:
  • Especially want Raffle Baskets • WSOT:
  • Task Force is D’vorah, Pat and Meredith
  • Focus is on the Playmaker’s Dinner as a true money maker- Pat (newmember) will be heading that up
  • Reports:
  • ***Note: Starting in 2016 the plan is to have Committee reports/minutes from monthlymeetings available online at the Board Portal so they can be reviewed before meeting
    • Executive Director Report (Michael):
      • Updates on studio classes, first WSOT rehearsal
      • Thank you from him!
    • Executive Committee (Meg)
      • Vote on new slate for 2016- Committees, Chairs and Members
      • Slate of members was handed out- will be available on Board Portal
      • Slate was approved unanimously
    • Strategic Planning: (Betsy)
      • Everyone was asked to look at the Long Term Operation Plan for 2016
      • Discussed any additions we might have thought of
      • Voted on Plan: Approved Unanimously!!
    • Finance Committee: (??)
      • Adam presented the budget for 2016
      • We discussed changes:
  • Addition of In-Kind donations which are not included
  • Include Camperships/Scholarships as expenses and how its offset by income
  • Voted to Approve Budget: Anonymously approved
  • Development (Trish):
  • Presented Resource Development Plan
  • Ideas were generated, including having a task force to create materials andtemplates for asking for donations- D’vorah and Adam volunteered to helpwith that
  • Also, we should have an ask for Camperships every event, including theAuction
  • Voted on Development Plan: Anonymously approved
  • Programming:
    • Studio Classes are all FULL
    • End of Session Performance is December 18, 2015, 6:00 PM

Nominating (Michael)

  • All nominees have said they will take the position if we will have them
  • On-Boarding Dinner and New Member dinner (sponsored by Camden Printworks)
  • Vote in New Members: Unaimously Voted in!
    • Voted on slate for 2016, which can be found here
  • Next Meeting: January 19, 2016, 5:00 Dinner, 6:00 MeetingBook List:

“Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
“Search for Susu” by Marcella McCoy-Dey

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