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Executive Committee Meeting 10/13/15

Yes And Collaborative Arts

Executive Committee Board meeting


1:00 PM, GMC

Present: Robin, Meg, Adam, Jake, Michael (after completion of ED evaluation)


  • Closed meeting portion
    • Completed ED evaluation and recommendations
  •  Michael has now joined the meeting:
    • Annual Review Process:
      •     Went through the recommendations and critique
      •     Suggested some solutions (asking for help, board member check-in, informal short-term donor-care plan)
  • New Board Members On-Boarding Process:
    •     Haven’t received recommendations from the nominating committee yet
    •     Hoping to add all 4 members to the board
    •     All have been invited, 2 have responded so far in the affirmative
    •     To Do’s:
      • Advocates for new members – Nominating committee will assign “Board Buddy”
      • Board Orientation Dinner: December 15, Tiffin in Mt. Airy, 7:00
      • First board meeting is January meeting – committee heads will present
  • New Slate for 2016- Committees, Chairs and Members:
    •     Executive Committee: Meg (Chair), Adam (Treasurer), Secretary (Robin)
    •     Finance Committee: Adam (Chair)
    •     Resource Development: Trish (Chair)
    •     Strategic Committee: Claudia (Chair)
    • Nominating: Tia (Chair)
  • Review and Update of Board Manual:
    •     Meg will go through manual and look at calendar, checking on what reports are required and think of ways to streamline meetings- put minutes on board portal??
    •    Strategic Planning committee – visit other committees? Shorter amount of time for open issues
    •    Programming committee- look at it every time, and get the info to Betsy- everyone else needs to get into to committeW
  • WSOT – Board Events = Talk to task force
  • Agenda for next board meeting:
    • Personal Mission Statement Activity – Yes! And – centric
    •     How to get new Board Members up to speed
    •     Orientation meeting
    •    Celebrating Betsy and D’vorah  – some sort of commemorative item – think about what to do
      • Gluten-free cake and champagne
    • Have someone prepared to say something about each of them – email rest of Board- Robin will do
    • Beginning of meeting – dessert and words
  • Next Executive Board meeting TBA

Board Meeting 9/29/15

Dinner & Welcome: 6:00

Present: Board Members: Trish, Jake, D’vorah, Meg, Meredith, Claudia, Adam, Tia, Katie, Betsy

Visitors, Prospective Board Members: Chris, Brooke, Jeff, Marcella, Pat, Julie


Introductions (Jake & Meg)

Activity (Michael) – Speed Dating


Open Meeting


Approval of Minutes: Approved


Approval of Agenda: Approved




  • Executive Director (Michael): Highlights include:
  • Camps were fabulous- were full in April!
  • WSOT will be at Plays and Players in January!
  • John Froehlich (performer from NYC, went to school with core class) came and workshopped
  • Corporate sponsor for camp (Valley Green)
  • Visits from two funders- Seybert and Lenfest
  • SHADOW – AMAZING! The kids will be performing at a festival in Delaware!
  • Once-a-month gatherings (3rd Thursdays) for adults at the office space
  • Thank you to Brooke and Chris, and Kat and Heather!
  • Yay to the Board for all our work and presence!!


  • Executive Committee (Jake)
  • Board Development opportunities:
    • Catalyst Center:  Follow link here:
      • October 20th, 9-12Learning from the Future
      • November 17, 1-4: Technology, The Good, The Bad and the What I don’t Know
      • Annual Review Time-  please fill out asap!


  • Finance Committee (Adam)
  • Keep in mind: we haven’t closed out the books on Summer yet…it all evens out
  • Adam is taking an accounting class right now!!
  • We would like to vote on a 2016 budget in November- reminder for next meeting to give ourselves time to look at it – we will get a copy before the meeting – possible to at least vote on a provisional budget


  • Development Committee (Katie)


  • Strategic Planning Committee Report (Betsy)
    • What is completed?
    • What is still in progress/where are we in the process
    • What needs to be added?
    • Long-range operational plan of items currently on the strategic plan that are recurring each year, so can’t be removed, so we don’t lose track of them.
    • Tia will be joining the Strategic Planning Committee. Devorah and Betsy are cycling off as their board term ends. They will see the Committee through until January’s vote on the strategic plan.
  • Program Committee Report (Chris)
    • See attached report
  • Summer Highlights:
    • 41 staff (including Michael and Chris)
    • 226 kids participated in programming overall
    • 84% of campers attended 2 or more weeks (last year was 65%)
    • Our campers represented 75 different schools throughout the Philadelphia area
    • Scholarships: $72,872.94 was distributed (214 scholarships granted)
    • Had waitlists for all of our middle school programs
    • ICS’s Student Activities Coordinator is very on board with having us back. Waiting for official confirmation from the principal.
    • Studio Classes: 40-50 students per class
    • We plan to decrease the amount of Early Bird savings next year since so many people acted on this.
  • Nominating Committee (Michael)
    • Very excited to have the prospective board members in the room! This is the result of 6-8 months of very intentional work.
  • Task Forces Check IN
    • Auction – Saturday December 5th, 1pm-4pm
    • Looking to grow this event this year, so we can eventually move it to a Saturday evening event once we build its reputation.
    • Committee is looking for items to include in raffle baskets – talk to Trish or Meredith if you have any ideas or want help securing items.
    • If you have connections to larger items (like vacation homes, iPads, airline tickets, etc.), let Trish know!
    • Great opportunity to bring in the new camper families or donors.
  • WSOT – last weekend of January 2016
    • The Task Force needs to be called ASAP.
    • Whiskey Toast & Playmakers Dinner will happen
    • Messaging
    • We have settled on a new identity! The committee is refining it and applying it to all the necessary outlets. Rollout is TBD.



  • Strategic Plan Update (Betsy)
    • The board went through the Strategic Plan and noted what was Complete, In Progress, or needing to be moved to the Ongoing (Annual) Plan
    • Programming Wish List:
      • Conference or retreat opportunity for Year-round staff
      • Afterschool program – start this discussion again, for Germantown community
      • Shadow staff year-round salary increase
      • Process for identifying and keeping key staff; find year-round opportunities for them. Can we offer “years of service” based rate increases?
      • Educational Director
    • Board Wish List:
      • There was discussion about the need to build the staff. Want to come up with a comprehensive plan to build the staff: what positions, what are the priorities, etc.
      • Goal 2 Objective 3: add a section about Board Health
      • Add: Better utilize the Advisory Council
  • Next Steps with Board Members (Michael)
    • We need two board members. There were 3 other potential candidates in addition to the 4 who were present at tonight’s meeting.
    • Adam moves to invite the 3 candidates who were not able to commit to the board at this time to join the Advisory Council and to officially invite the four who were present to join the committee; Claudia seconds, all in favor, motion carried. If all four accept, we will vote on them at the November meeting.
  • WSOT Cost (Michael)
    • This is a challenge because we are using deferred costs to pay for this program the year before the program actually takes place. Program expense is going to double because Eastern is no longer involved. Plays & Players is giving us the space for a reduced rate, including lights, sound and space.
    • We need to be thinking about this program very strategically moving forward. We are increasing tuition and ticket prices. We need our fundraising events to stay on target.
    • It was discussed that getting the families more involved in promoting the program and supporting it outside of tuition would be great.
    • WSOT will cost $15,000 more than last year. But we have $13,000 surplus from the summer, so we only have to actually raise $1,500 more this year.
    • Having a downtown location for WSOT can bring a lot of energy to the parents. We can create a PR kit to give families and supporters to post on their socials, to invite new audience members, etc.


  • Summer Sort of Thing –
    • Opportunity to do this in our neighborhood here, and would allow us to serve more students in the summer.
    • Would be 30 students, 4-week program, (9am-3pm), with performances Friday, Saturday Sunday the last week.
    • Doing this program, and maintaining all of our goals, would mean we would have to increase our fundraising support by a little over $4,000.
    • Summer Sort of Thing would allow us to serve middle schoolers. We have many middle schoolers that we could not serve during summer camp otherwise, because so many of our current students will be moving into the middle school category next year.
    • This program would move us forward programmatically in 2016 and set us up for success moving forward. However, in 2017, we have to raise $15,000 more to maintain the salaries we have agreed on for Michael, Chris and Brooke.


  • WSOT Director Vote (Jake & Michael)
    • Because this is a very transitional year for WSOT, it has been brought up that Jake Miller could direct the production. In order to do this, he would have to step off the board for six months. Please see handout outlining this proposal.
    • Today we vote on Jake’s stepping down from the Board while performing his duties as Director for Winter Sort of Thing. We recognize that we are following all the procedures set forth in our by-laws in accordance with our Conflict of Interest Policy and as stated in the prepared document.
    • What would Jake’s role be on the board if he wasn’t director? 
Whiskey Toast – how to we frame this as we move further away from Mark’s legacy
    • Playmaker’s Event – adding an actual ask
    • So the WSOT fundraising efforts need to be reworked and done very well. This will not be as Eastern-tied as it was in the past.


  • Katie has asked to be replaced as the Development Chair by Trish, so cannot support the WSOT at the same capacity as last year either, and want that to be acknowledged in this conversation, since we will be losing Jake’s talents on these events. We will have new board members to draw their talent for these events as well.
  • New WSOT task force: Claudia, D’vorah, Trish, Meredith. Will also invite new board members.
  • Adam moves that we acknowledge the Conflict of Interest Policy; D’vorah seconds, all in favor, motion granted.
  • Adam moves that we hire Jake for WSOT and he will take a leave from the board for six months, Claudia seconds, all in favor, motion granted.
  • New Business
    • Claudia moves that Trish replace Katie as Resource Development Committee Chair effective immediately, Meredith seconds, all in favor, motion carried.
    • The rest of the slate will be voted on at the Nov meeting.


  • Next Meeting – Tuesday, November 17th, 5:30 dinner, 6pm meeting