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Executive Committee Minutes 8/25/15

Y!ACA Executive Committee Meeting
8/25/15, 9:30 am, Jake’s House

Present: Meg, Michael, Adam, Jake, Robin


  • Updates on Nominees for Board Membership
  • Process has been great!
  • We got updates on all nominees – some are available soon, some will be best brought on next year – we have very strong candidates and could vote on more than just 2 more to replace D’vorah and Betsy- will allow for us to put less stress on each individual board member
  • New Member training/on boarding plan
    • Two-step process:
      • September meeting and invitation
      • Begin healthy on-boarding beginning at Orientation and moving through to January
    • Board Meeting
      • Nominating committee’s ideas:
        • September Meeting:
          • Welcoming people into culture/making sure culture is welcoming
          • “Speed-dating” activity as replacement for personal mission statement
          • Clear about Leadership Structure – clear as to who we all are
          • Do dinner more fellowship hour -style – small plates, milling around
        • January meeting:
          • Make sure committees are mixture of old and new members
          • Vote slate of committees in
          • Orientation meeting
            • “Hard-Sell” of committees
            • Should include the personal mission statement activity
            • Talk about what the Board members each bring to the Board- and what was appealing about the candidates
          • How to make everyone feel comfortable
            • Going through Board Manual during orientation might be a little tedious- Michael has been doing a “light” walk-through of the manual including schedule with each nominee- advocate can go through it with them
            • Make sure evening feels comfortable
            • Each new member should have a point-person (advocate) who will do a 3-4 month check-in
  • Plan for September’s Meeting: Tuesday, September 29th
    • 5:00: Dinner/ beer and wine
    • 5:30: Programming:
      • Introductions
        Clear introduction of leadership and structure
      • Speed-dating: 2 minutes each pairin
      • 7:00 Regular Meeting
      • Reports: Remind members that perspective board meetings will be there too
        • Budget
        • Resource Development Plan Presented
        • Programming – Summer Report
        • Grants/Individual Donations
    • Say goodbye to the nominees – move as a group to somewhere else
    • Strategic Plan Committee: Reminder that everyone should have prepared their replies to this
    • WSOT
    • Task Forces Check-In
      • Auction
      • WSOT
  • Consider Board Development Training Possibilities: Keep on agenda to check in
    • Keep eye out
  • Annual review and Job Descriptions:
    • Annual review: October
    • Michael (Board has to do survey as well)
    • Staff:
  • Discuss WSOT
    • Board will need to release Jake to direct again
    • Checking on date and location
  • Next Meeting:
    • 10/13/15 1:00 PM, GMC