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Board Meeting 7-21-15

Yes! And Board Meeting
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
6:00 PM

Tia, Trish, Meg, Jake, Claudia, Adam, Robin, Chris, Michael

Approval of minutes from May 15, 2015- Approved
Approval of agenda- Approved

  1. Personal Mission Statement Activity:
    Using the medicine wheel again (N,S,E,W), we placed VALUES in each of the quadrants, and then we each shared one
  2. Nominating Committee Report:
    1. Had a phone meeting and discussed the on-boarding process and came up with list of goals for September
    2. Have 6 people on the list
    3. Each will be assigned someone to be their contact on the Board
    4. This person (advocate) will talk to the nominee and tell them about:
      1. Meeting with Michael
      2. Going to an event
      3. Come to September Board Meeting
    5. Tia will follow up with the Advocates to make sure they are on track
    6. Committee will talk at their next meeting to come up with ideas on how to make the September meeting comfortable for the nominees
      1. Ideas to consider:
        1. Having an advocate is great
        2. Make sure to introduce selves
        3. Make a “welcoming” meeting- not just a business meeting
        4. Have food and wine to start
        5. Do the third activity of the personal mission statement together
        6. Come up with some ice breaking activities
  3. Board Member Training/Development:
    1. In addition to Board Retreat, we’d like to do other development things
    2. Michael has a list of possibilities and will let us know about them
  4. Task Forces: Call:
    1. Auction- Saturday, December 5th, 1-4
      1. Task Force is: Trish, Robin, Meredith (Katie will pick up what Trish drops)
      2. Will give out save the date cards at shows
    2. WSOT: Trish, Claudia, Jake, Katie
      1. Tasks:
      2. Development
      3. Alumni/VIP Event
  5. Employee Handbook: Review and Vote
    1. Approved
  6. Resource/ Development Proposal for 2016
    1. In process
    2. Will be sent to Board before September meeting
  7. Reports:
    1. Executive Director (See director’s report)
      1. Summer Camp- going so well!
      2. Many community events
      3. We are almost ubiquitous!
      4. SHADOW Banquet was amazing!
      5. Income from tuition is steady
      6. Learning from grant rejections, how to tweak applications
      7. Benefit concert was fun
    2. Executive Committee
      1. Nothing to report
    3. Finance Committee
      1. We aren’t bringing in much more than we are spending, but we are OK
      2. Tuition will be at a surplus
    4. Development Committee:
      1. Benefit Concert Netted $802 – summary of event available
      2. Cultivation events – potential donors and board meetings
      3. Inviting corporate donors to show on August 14th
      4. Alumni will be invited TBA
      5. Auction: Task Force already called
    5. Individual donations:
      1. Camperships $3750
    6. Grants:
      1. Thank you to Trish and Michael for all your work
      2. Corporate opportunities – Trish and Tia are working on these
    7. Strategic Plan:
      1. For September’s meeting, anyone involved with making the SP happen needs to come with answers to the following 5 questions:
        1. What tasks have been completed
        2. What tasks are still in progress with some degree of progress report
        3. What new objectives and strategies need to be added?
        4. What objective and strategies are candidates for our long-term (and continuing) Plan of Action?)
        5. What objectives and strategies are ready to be mored there NOW (as in, successfully in place and need to continue)
    8. Programming:
      1. Camp Highlights
      2. This year we had the most kids to date, 25, 10 new kids, 6 of whom are brand-new to Y!ACA
      3. 14 SHADOW members are Junior Staffers- rehearsing for their Fringe Show September 11th and 12th
      4. Camp is going so well- come see performance on Friday the 24th!
      5. Are on track to projected income of $91,000
      6. 95% of kids at ICS are receiving some sort of tuition assistance- so we should plan for that in the future
    9. Program Director:
      1. Official Parent Handbook is available
      2. Updated summer policies based on employee handbook
      3. Transportation Survey- for camp families
      4. Working on solidifying evaluation system that the kids can provide feedback on
      5. WSOT- depending where we will be, it will affect the budget
      6. Studio registration is open!
    10. Messaging Task Force: Nothing to report, Adam and Shannon will get together and discuss

******Next Meeting********
September 29th, 2015
5:00 Dinner/Drinks
6:00 Meeting

Nominating Committee minutes

Meeting August 20th, 12pm – Conference Call

(In attendance: Michael, Claudia, Katie – Tia, in phone conversation with MJB later – notes from Tia/MJB noted below)

  • Touch base about each potential board members
    • Where we are in the process with each
      • Jeff Wicklund- (Trish) – Talk to him again in a year.
      • Carlie & Ben – (Mer) – Hasn’t sat down with them yet.
      • Julie – (Shannon) – Shannon reached out but we haven’t seen/heard from her since. Claudia will touch base with her about setting up a face to face.
      • Jeff Linneman – (Claudia) – He’s very interested, next steps are to meet with MJB (MJB will reach out to him)
      • Pat Fiorella – (Claudia) – Interested, MJB will set up face to face.
      • Abby & Marcella – (Tia) – MJB met with both and strongly supports their candidacy for board membership. Will be invited to Sept board meeting
      • Meredith Swierinski – (MJB) – Noted that she is not moving to LA and wanted to be re-considered for board membership, was told that we are currently in process with several candidates and will keep her in mind for future openings.

• Primary topic – fostering a welcoming board

  • Thinking through how we as a board are welcoming new (potential) board members
    • (Katie) I really liked the orientation (at Betsy’s), but she knew everyone there. So maybe thinking through the structure of the evening
      • (When do we go through the Board Manual?)
      • A diverse group of the board (in terms of length of time)
      • At someone’s home reflects our commitment to community
        • (Tia) Depends on which board member – make it feel less like a “secret society” – neutral ground
    • Thinking through a “welcome” after we’ve all decided
      • Especially thinking about the culture of the group and how to bring people into the “social norms” of the group.
        • (Tia) Instead of thinking about this as introduce our social norms. changing our social norms to become more welcoming as people are coming in. So, maybe talking and standing while eating. Small plates, “fellowship hour” style. So don’t sit until the time is announced.
    • Give people an opportunity to be introduced and have an introduction
      • Ways this group can communicate the connections to each other and how that relates to the beginning of the group.
    • A toast! (To new members)
  • Recommendations for September meeting, but also beyond
    • Speed dating activity for Sept meeting.
    • Have particular people set up as leadership – Meg, Jake, Adam, & Robin – Maybe have the committee heads talk about “Sell” their committees (Part of the January meeting???)
      • (Tia) – Thinking through committees so that meetings can be a mixture of older and newer members.
    • Maybe cut down on their participation in the “D’vorah stuff” for the intros to new members meeting
  • How they are accepted and engaged rather than it being an event
    • Creating lasting relationships with the new members

Meeting July 10th, 2pm – Conference Call

(In attendance: Michael, Claudia, Tia)

  • Go over the hand off from Executive Committee
    • Gradual – Exe Comm will continue to handle Officer slate for now
    • Schedule our bi-monthly meetings
  • Go through board membership on-boarding process
    • Potential members will come to the September meeting
    • Protocol will be:
      • Board Member (not necessarily the committee) will submit names and bios to Board-at-Large
      • Come up with individual cultivation strategy – with nominator or someone else close to the individual
      • Nominating committee should verbally contact or assign someone to contact
        • Gauge interest
        • Answer questions
        • Help set up meeting (with Executive Director)
    • Each potential member should:
      • Have a meeting with Michael
      • Come to an event
      • Come to a Board meeting in September
      • Visit a program on cultivation day or just stop in (when appropriate)
    • Tia – Thinking through how we as a board are welcoming new (potential) candidates. – Primary conversation topic for next meeting!
      • How the are accepted and engaged rather than an event.
    • Tia – Bringing the above up to the board this upcoming meeting,
    • Claudia – Some things more important than other parts (like meeting the ED)
  • Discuss potential board members (Coming up with a advocate)
    • Jeff Wicklund – (Trish) Parent, Enterprise Center
    • Ben Hostvedt – (Meredith) Ben is a small business owner, friends of the Sexton family, might be looking for “that thing” that he can invest in, parents are long-time big donors.
    • Jeff Linneman – (Claudia) Parent, Do-er
    • Marcella McCoy-Deh – (Tia) Educator, PhilaU, parent
    • Abby Thaker – (Tia) Mt. Airy USA
    • Carlie Sweeney – (Meredith) connection – ESL teacher, Mastery Charter schools (check email for short bio).
    • Possibly a Fiorella (Claudia)
    • Julie Kring (Shannon)
  • Next steps with potential board members
    • I will email all advocates and list the responsibilities they have
    • At next board meeting, we can report on where each advocate is at in the process
    • Can expect that if we want to move forward can meet with Executive Director
    • Tia – Self-selecting process will happen as people’s schedule’s conflict.