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Executive Committee Meeting 6-23-15

Executive Board Meeting 6/23/15

Present: Jake, Meg, Robin and Michael


Prospective Board Member Update, Next Steps:

    • We have a great list of potential members
    • Nominating committee needs to meet and discuss – Katie, Tia, Claudia
    • Potential members will come to the September meeting
    • Protocol will be:
    • Board Member will submit names and bios to Board-at-Large
    • Come up with individual cultivation strategy – with nominator or someone else close to the individual
    • Nominating committee should verbally contact or assign someone to contact
        • Gauge interest
        • Answer questions
        • Help set up meetings


Each potential member should:

          • Have a meeting with Michael
          • Come to an event
          • Come to a Board meeting in September
          • Visit a program on cultivation day or just stop in (when appropriate)


  • Robin will contact nominating committee and give them instructions for next steps


Summer Donor Cultivation Events

    • Performances at end of camp sessions will be potential events- invite alumni and parents
    • Possible dates:
      • July 31st – big show at Independence Charter School
      • July 24th – 6pm show at Germantown


  • August 14th – 6pm show at Germantown – ice cream social – in contact with Tia


    • August 28th – 6pm show at Germantown – potentially a corporate event


Annual Executive Committee Calendar

  • January:
    • Special Board meeting- onboarding event with new members
  • February:
    • Final agenda for March Retreat
  • April:
    • Set regular meeting times
    • Work on On-Boarding Process (will go to nominating committee)
    • Retreat follow-up
  • June:
    • Look at Strategic Plan for other responsibilities and put into calendar
  • August:
    • Consider Board Development Training Possibilities
    • Annual review of Job Descriptions
    • New Member training/on boarding plan, including Board Resources
  • October:
    • ED Review
    • Review Board Manual
    • Begin conversation around slate of officers/committee members
    • Revisit Onboarding Members
  • December:
    • Special meeting with Committee Chairs to make schedule and plan for Board March
    • Set date for Onboarding and agenda for Early January
    • Discussion of slate, new member committee assignments


Strategic Plan:

  • Looked at Online Strategic Plan and evaluated to update for calendar
  • Think about what we want to add for next meeting


Policy Manual Check-ins (Staff, Summer, Parent/Volunteer)

  • Will be put online for comments and voted on in July
  • Staff, Volunteer handbooks are all set


Board Health Check-in:

  • Do we want to do Board evaluations?
  • Personal Mission Statement – activity went great!
    • Personal Mission Statement activity should be finished by September’s meeting
    • Should then give the activity to new board members at onboarding event
    • Continue to use at retreat


Agenda for next Board Meeting

  • Approval of minutes from prior meeting
  • Approval of agenda
  • Nominating committee will report on new member cultivation
  • Ask for ideas for training/development
  • Proposal/Report for resource development plan for next year – update calendar
  • Report from Program Director for School Year plan
  • Call Auction and WSOT task forces
  • Reports
  • Board Health Activity
  • Vote on Policy manual
  • Task Force reports- messaging?
  • Prelim reporting on task force


Agenda for next Committee Meeting

  • Consider Board Development Training Possibilities
  • Annual review of Job Descriptions
  • New Member training/on boarding plan
    • include Board Resources
    • Curriculum


Next Meeting:

August 25th, 9:30 am- Jake’s house

Strategic Plan Committee Minutes

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting minutes 4-21-16

Committee members present: Jake Miller, Claudia Huot, Michael Brix (ED)

Committee members absent: Marcella McCoy-Deh


  • Looking over the results from the SOAR analysis we did at the board retreat. (On Google Docs)
  • How to go about putting together this next phase of the strategic plan. (Not a re-do,, more of a re-work and revision.)
  • Go over the current SP (in the board portal) to see if there are things we want to make sure to keep
  • It is time to go back to our stakeholders to gather more information. I have four categories of stakeholders:
    • A. Board
    • B. Staff
    • C. Families & Funders
    • D. Outside stakeholders (community partners, etc.)

Meeting notes:

  • Need to get/find the current “Operational Plan” from Betsy – It’s not in any of our docs.
  • Current SP needs to be revised to include measurable goals and and “Plan B” where needed
  • We talked about the question: which way are we oriented, in other words, what is the direction of our growth? Thinking about ways to pose this question to other stakeholders.
    • Program growth
    • Which community is the next natural step?
    • Develop new programs or have programs stay static? (Or, keep programs as they are, but expand the program reach to serve all the need – waiting list)
  • Possible initial questions for stakeholders –
    • For example: On our strategic plan, we have a goal of sustainability where we said that we would have a plan to increase staff salaries at that point and then 4% each additional year 2015 & 2016. However, we were not able to meet our financial goals, so one of the points in the strategic plan should be, “What do you think our ‘plan B’ should be if we don’t reach those goals?”
    • (Post a description of a specific part of our mission i.e. “It is our mission to serve a diversity of children and youth, racially, economically, differing abilities, different types of families.”) In what ways are we accomplishing our mission and in what ways are we falling short?
    • Where would you like to see us expanding?
    • “We have a goal to pay our staff a living wage. In order to grow our budget to meet this goal, if you had the choice, would you rather…
      • Pay more in tuition
      • Have less scholarships available to families in need
      • Personally participate in fundraising activities and events
      • Alter our staff to student ratio
      • Cut programs
      • Other _________________________
  • Things we may just have to research (alternatively, put the research into the strategic plan)
    • Sustainability
      • Comparative rates for our Organizational Staff (ED, PD, AD)
      • Get actual numbers from:
        • Orgs that are our size
        • Orgs that have similar job descriptions
        • Orgs that are arts ORgs
        • Orgs that are NPOs
      • How to market who we are to those who don’t know us i.e. Mt. Airy older adults or professionals


  • Questions and questions template sent out by MJB to board in order to get the list of questions by May 17th, board meeting (SP Committee takes lead)
  • Answers collected by SP by June 23rd, next SP meeting.
  • June 23rd meeting will be a working meeting to put the revised SP into place for July vote/adoption by whole board.

Program Committee Minutes

Program Committee Meetings are now staff meetings and held weekly. Weekly minutes available on file in the office or by request. (Just too work-intensive to post here.)

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

Post notes here

Development Committee Minutes 6-15-15

Yes! And… Collaborative Arts
Development Committee Meeting
June 15, 2015 // 9:30am GMC

Benefit Concert
· Wednesday June 24, 2015
· Featuring Birdie Busch, Matt Duke & Gobble Ghoul
· Promote concert, encourage advance tix
· Volunteers for show (collecting money during ask)
Jake (after 9:30)
Mer? (if not, perhaps Meg)
· Run of Show – D’Vorah/Michael/KP

Summer Cultivation Opportunities
· Event Design
Pre-game Reception w/ an educational component
explain a bit of the process and the story
share ‘gems’ from the program
send guests into show with ask card
Do a hard ask after performance
doing an ask for full scholarship (300)
ask card printed in the program
· Possible dates:
o July 31st – big show at Independence Charter School
o July 24th – 6pm show at Germantown
o August 14th – 6pm show at Germantown
o August 28th – 6pm show at Germantown – potentially a corporate event

Cultivation Discussion
· Targets
o Alumni Campers
o Former Teachers/Staff*
o Alumni Parents
MJB to compile list of alumni and other potential parents
Trish will manage invites/registration

· Hit by the end 6/22
GMC Volunteers solicited to compile letters

· Ads in summer performance program books
Trish composing letter and the giving packages/levels
Area Businesses identified
Timeline – letters/connections beginning this week (6/15) thru July 31

· Grants calendar update
· TD Bank – professional development for staff
IMPACT 100 – MJB/Trish to look thru guidelines/req, JMM to connect with Amy Norr

just $800 short of breaking even for the summer
reaching a bit of a ‘balance point’ where we aren’t making profit in the same way, but we are fully funded

· Senior Send Off Dinner
invites being mailed out this week
paper invites to go to Potential Board Members
need 10 more names from Board who needs a paper invite

AUCTION – December 5th, 2015 (Saturday Evening)

KP – given your new work schedule, can you suggest a few dates/times that could work for you?