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Board Meeting Minutes 5-19-15

Yes And Collaborative Arts Board Meeting

May 19, 2015

6:00 PM

D’vorah, Betsy, Meg, Adam, Trish, Katie, Robin, Meredith, Tia, Claudia, Shannon, Jake, Michael


  • May 19, 2015 Agenda Approved
  • March 14, 2015 Minutes Approved

New Business:

  • Board membership and new member recruitment (Jake)
    • Betsy and D’vorah are cycling off Board in November
    • We are already at legal minimum
  • Board Health (Robin/D’vorah)
    • Discussion came from our Board Retreat
    • We will all come up with a Personal Mission Statement
    • Activity: Medicine Wheel inspiration
  • Standardizing and access to reports, agendas et Al (Michael)
    • Streamline reporting process- make sure we’re all doing it the same way so all information can be available to everyone
    • Send agendas and minutes to Robin or Michael to put online


  • Reports:
    • ED Report (Michael):
      • Available online: Highlights include:
        • Everyone who finds us is so happy!
        • Online reviews are great!
        • SHADOW came back from a retreat in DC where they did some volunteer work, museums, etc.
        • Fringe piece, written by Brooke, about myths surrounding Pandora’s Box, called “The Fall”
        • We have been out at Mt. Airy day, Renaissance on Wayne event, Fun Fit Fest
        • Trish and Michael have been working on grants
        • Studio classes will be ending in the next couple of weeks- come see the performances!
      • Budget
      • Employee Handbook-
        • Lots of work went into it, Claudia brought a reviewed copy
        • In Claudia’s colleague’s opinion, there are a few things that are unnecessary for an organization of our size
        • Big thanks to Claudia and her colleague!
      • TD Bank Grant and Board Training
        • $1000 grant, which is pretty clear we will get, but we need to come up with something for the whole Board to experience
        • Perhaps bring in the woman we had hoped to have for the retreat
        • Other uses? Michael will look into options
      • Development Committee Report (Katie)
        • Benefit Concert-
          • Finalizing dates- June 25th or 26th at the Griffin café in Kensington- acoustic event
        • Other proposed events-
          • Talked about using performances at end of camp as possible opportunities to cultivate donors
          • In order to widen our sphere we know that having people come see our work is the best way
          • Programmer playbill/Corporate sponsorship for summer
        • Strategic Plan Committee (Betsy)
          • Feedback from the programming committee- working on parent handbook
          • Evaluations:
            • Transportation- survey for current and perspective campers to find out what people need
            • Evaluation- specific evaluation for SHADOW
            • Other evaluations around camp
          • Staff training
          • How to keep completed items from Strategic Plan in operation after they have been completed- keep them as “Long-Term Initiatives”
            • September meeting- all Task Force chairs will come in answering these questions, which SP Committee will use for future drafts
              • What has been completed?
              • What are we still working on?
              • What needs to be added?
              • What will move to plan for 2016
              • What items are appropriate for the long-term initiatives?
            • Programming Committee (Meg)
              • Phasing out, staff is taking over
              • In hand outs we have the year-round programming report
            • Finance Committee (Adam)
              • Updated Budget: Handed out
                • Camp at ICS – is already self-sustaining
              • 990/BCO 10/Compilation (Michael): Tax filings are made or beginning to be made
              • Michael provided the forms for us to look at
            • Messaging Task Force (Shannon)
              • Showed us 3 designs our graphic designer did
              • We discussed all of the options
              • Group is leaning towards option #1, with the exclamation point as part of the “O” in Collaborative
              • Katie (designer) will work with Michael for next steps
            • WSOT Update (Michael)
              • Many Changes
                • Committee is going to approach this financially
                • Will present a rough budget to talk about
                • Development committee will then look at it
                • Any other thoughts, please email Michael
              • Executive Committee Report (Jake):
                • Committees: Proposed Restructuring
                  • Nominating Committee
                    • Need to bring on 4 people
                    • Needs to be its own group of people
                    • If we want to have a diverse list, other people need to work on this
                    • Perhaps ask Advisory committee to take this task
                    • Tia, Claudia are available to work on this committee- please direct other people to them
                    • Visit in September, Vote on November
                  • Strategic Planning/Restructuring committee- priority for next meeting


  • Personal and Professional Updates/Share
    • Congratulations to everyone for all their great stuff!

Next Meeting: July 21, 2015, 6:00 PM, 5:00 for dinner