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Executive Committee Meeting 4-24-15

Executive Board Meeting

Present: Jake, Meg, Robin and Michael (with special appearances by Jake, Asher, Eleanor, and Leroy)

April 24, 2015

10:00 am


Board Health:

  • Survey Information
    • Looked at the survey results
    • Talked about perceptions, relationships


  • Follow Up and Next Steps
    • Future questions/info: Why are you on the board? What is your personal mission? We should give space for people to say that, more self- assessment is necessary
    • Next meeting, give some space for that. Agenda item for next few board meetings
    • Personal value/mission statements for each member- what determines success for me?
    • Here is a link to an article on writing a personal mission statement:
    • Bring a staff person in to do some sort of programming with us


  • Standardization of Organizational Documents:
    • ie – job descriptions, budgets, etc.
      • Where are the items? They should be online
      • Folder on computer with job descriptions
      • Budget comes from Adam after Board Approval
      • Agendas and Minutes- go online to find them, but we also have hard copies in the office
      • Michael will try to locate the documents we are looking for and get them online


  • Board Recruitment & Nominating Committee Discussion:
    • Nominating Committee
      • As of January 2015 it was Executive Committee and Katie
      • Should we change the committee?? Item on agenda for next meeting
      • Perhaps D’vorah and Betsy can be on the committee with a Board member and continue after they are done on the Board
      • At this point, we need to fill the board minimums which we need to do quickly, and once that is done, we can add other members more strategically
    • Tasks:
      • Individualized plan
      • Look at skill set and see what/where holes are
      • Identify people who have those skills, keeping in mind what’s required in bylaws
      • Board development as well
      • On-Boarding process
      • Come up with a year-round calendar


  • Update from Michael re: Meredith Swiercynski
    • Great meeting
    • Put her in the mix for possible members
    • Jeff Linneman as another possibility


  • TD Bank Grant and Board Training:
    • Looks like it’s a rubber stamp approval
    • Need to have a title and description for training
    • Financial training system- have the person come in
    • Speak to Katie about scheduling it


  • Employee Manual Process:


  • Draft looks great!
  • Legal is looking at it, and once it’s back with changes we’ll make a final copy
  • Michael will check with Claudia and see where we are


  • Check in with EC assignments on Strategic Plan
    • Create regular plan- done
    • Board Membership- move to Nominating Committee
    • OnBoarding- move to Nominating Committee
    • Bringing in a consultant and have a training – use of TD Bank grant next year


  • EC annual calendar and agenda
    • Checked in with Calendar and looked at next year’s
    • What is our overall goal for the year?
      • Board Health and Maintenance
      • April:
        • Retreat Follow Up
        • Maintaining documentation and information availability
        • Check-in on committees
          • Programming committee jobs are being taken over by staff, which is great
          • Development committee: Not a lot happening right now- waiting to schedule concert and talking about kickball


  • New Business
    • None


  • Next Meeting
    • June 23rd, 2015, 10:00 am at Jake’s





Concert Task Force meeting minutes

Always scroll down for earlier minutes

Yes! And… Benefit Concert Task Force Meeting
Thursday May 19, 2016
Pat Fiorella, Trish Murzyn, Michael Brix


  • Getting the venue – glad we stumbled into Alma Mater and that they were in position to offer it to us for free. Being in NW Philly was great for us and there’s not a lot of alternate venues.
  • Sorry we didn’t use the whole committee well. (esp. Mer & Jeff)
  • Friday was a good day to have the concert – good crowd, nice vibe.
  • Bands
    • All bands were enjoyed and each brought their own people/audience. They were all very different. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but do we want to think about how to organize the line up better? (By their size? Audience pull? Music style?)
  • Advertisement/promotion
    • Great board attendance
    • Posters/postcards were good, but just the flyers were the most helpful.
    • Get it in more on-line calendars, etc.
    • Price point – was good. Good amount of pre-sales. Not many pre-sale with donation. (Those that did donate were bought a beer from a board member.) Thinking about what the venue could offer so we could do an up-sell ticket. (Free food or drink, coupon for return visit, etc.)


  • Venue issues
    • Some people didn’t have a good experience with the bartender. So much so that people left. The reports that the food was poor was not corroborated. We decided that next year, we will tell them that we anticipate bringing in even more people and so maybe they could get more staff.
    • Other issue was the space itself. Is it really conducive to a concert or are they just background music for good conversations?
  • People who came out
    • Brought the community together, lots of people there with not many connections to YACA, but connections to the board
    • Wished Matt Duke brought more folks
    • Making it more “kid-friendly” but are steering away from that idea.
  • Things to think about
    • How to make more money off the ask. Raffle/ 50/50 etc. (A big guy in a costume???)
    • Increase visibility


  • Pat already thanked her people with notes, etc. MJB will do the same for Matt Duke/ 50 C/ Ren Blvd
  • Pat (or Trish) will reach out to Alma Mater to get a wrap up from their perspective to make sure we are keeping good community relations.
  • Moving forward- Try to book venue at Alma Mater for next year, best date: March 24.

Yes! And… Benefit Concert Task Force Meeting
Wednesday April 1, 2015 via phone
Katie Phillips, Meredith Sexton, D’vorah Horn-Greenberg


  1. Meredith talk to Morgan’s Pier
  2. KP talk to Connie’s Ric Rac
  3. KP talk to David Sweeny, to see if he wants to play or if he has ideas on artists who’d be interested in the cause.
  4. KP curate artist lineup based on conversation with David


Last year: netted $1,800

  • Performers, venue, concessions, hospitality
  • $15 tix
  • Campership “Asks” at the event

This year’s goal: $2,100


  • Morgan’s Pier – Laurel chef is doing food there this summer – MS
    • Opens May 2nd
  • Connie’s Ric Rac – second choice – KP


  • YACA merchandise
  • Call for memberships during show
  • Concessions (if venue doesn’t sell their own food)

ARTISTS – total of 3 acts

  • David Sweeny/Johnny Showcase
  • Gabriel’s band Gobble Ghoul (works for weathervane) (15-25 person draw)
  • Birdie, if Johnny isn’t interested (have one repeat artist from last year)
  • Matt Duke
  • Ginger Coyle
  • Marian Hill
  • Minka


  • Do not use “Inner Monologues” language. It is a headliner show, proceeds benefiting YACA
  • Do advanced ticket sales again
  • EVERYONE promote and tell our networks!


  • Mid- to late-May, depending on venue availability
  • D’vorah not avail the last weekend in May; don’t not book on her account
  • Could do first week in June – not too close to Kickball