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Board Meeting 1-20-15

Board meeting minutes 3-14-15


Phone-a-thon 2015

Hello our good and faithful board members:

Once again we are about to embark on our board phone a thon in order to raise money for our programs and for our operating support. This year, as you think about the financial impact of the gifts that support and sustain us, keep in mind the recent conversations to raise salaries. If possible, please ask that someone’s gift be spread out over 12 months. See if they can be a part of creating that foundation that we desperately need if we are to grow exponentially.

To this email I have attached the phone a thon packet for 2015. In it are the instructions as well as two sample letters (one from Jake/Scott the other from Meg) that you can edit and use for your own purposes. The most important change from year’s past is the amount of time we have set aside for the calling. It’s not a lot! So, doing some ahead work will probably serve you better. Also there are board members who are willing to make “the call” if you do the ahead work and prep your people for a call. So send your emails and bring your lists.

Check below for a summary of the people you solicited last year and what they gave.

The link to donate: